10 Roofing Facts that Might Surprise You

“With great power comes great responsibility,” says Uncle Ben in Spider-Man. For a lot of homeowners, this quotes is a little different: With a Great House Comes Great Responsibility. Owning a house has a lot of benefits – it brings stability, it’s a great investment, plus you can make it your own however you want. But house also brings many responsibilities, maintenance-related ones to be specific.

Roofing is one of the musts and one of the most time-consuming and expensive ones. So, when you do get to roofing, you want to have the highest quality so that it serves you for the upcoming 50 years (whether you plan to live in that house for that long or no). If you are researching roofing options and maintenance tips then you will find these roofing facts interesting.

Metal roofs are lightning resistant

If you live in an area that gets a lot of storms and rains then a metal roof is a good idea. Unlike other materials, metal is noncombustible, so it can protect you from lightning. Moreover, metal shingles are lighter than wood shingles, so there you have it – an extra benefit.

There are environment friendly roofs

Roofing requires a lot of materials and it’s safe to say that during the building process a lot of waste is created. The good news is there are environment friendly roofs or so-called green roofs. Some architects even add grass on the roof that maintains the temperature in the house. There are also “cool roofs” keep the house cool during hot days.

Roofs are decisive factors in sale

Like I mentioned before roofs are expensive, so knowing this a lot of homeowners set good condition of roof as a criterion. If you want to sell your house then make sure your roof is presentable and doesn’t have serious damages.

Energy efficient roofs

If you have a big house that uses a lot of electricity monthly then an energy-efficient  roof will be your savior. We already touched upon “cool roofs” but it’s worth mentioning again. It is estimated that “cool roofs” save thousands of dollars in energy costs throughout their lifespan.

Roofs need air

In order to not generate humidity and damage, roofs need ventilation. Without proper air circulation inside and outside the roof, you may experience leakage inside your house. Make sure your roof breathes.

Building your own roof can be dangerous

DIY home repairs are very common among homeowners and it seems like building a roof can also belong to this list. While it’s technically possible, it is not recommended. Roofs protect your house and in case of serious damage, it will fall of hurting your house and your family. Better be safe than sorry, so in case of roofing or repairs, always consult with a professional.

You shouldn’t cover an existing roof

Continuing the topic of potentially dangerous roof repairs. Very often than not, homeowners choose the cover a damaged existing roof rather than replace it. This seems like a convenient and cheap option, however, it comes with risks. If your roof constantly needs repairs, it means something is fundamentally wrong and when you cover it with a new roof, you don’t solve the problems, you leave space for new ones.

Climate is important for roofing

In choosing your roof, you need to consider the weather conditions of your location. Why? Certain types of roofs work better in certain weather conditions. For example, gable roofs are for the best in snowy climates, while flat roofs are for the best in dry areas. Consult with a professional as to which type is the best for you.

There are roof cleaning companies

One of the big reasons why homeowners don’t like roof maintenance is cleaning. Good news for you, there are professional roof cleaning companies that will bring the original color of your roof back, clean it from any leaves or snow.

Flat roofs are not completely flat

And let’s conclude our article with a little fun fact. Flat roofs are not completely flat. In reality, they have a slope of at least ¼ inch per foot.

Your roof sets the tone of your house, it’s the first thing that grabs attention, so have fun choosing its style and color with these facts in mind.

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