10 Tips to Help Understand Your Roof Estimate

When it comes to roof repairs and replacements, the biggest concern of most homeowners is the price. Unlike other maintenance works, roofs take more time and more financial resources. You can find cheap roofing services but ironically it comes with a price – the quality. What you can do instead is learn more about roofing estimates, weigh pros and cons and pick the most cost-effective option for you.

But how do you figure out the estimates and how do you choose between them. Let’s find answers to these questions through our tips.

Check material costs from suppliers

The biggest expense of roofing repairs and replacement is the materials. Do have an understanding of how much your roof is going to cost you, contact a material supplier and get prices from them.

Don’t forget the labor cost

Unlike a broken switch, roofing is something you can’t do on your own, so you have to pay for the labor. When searching for roofing contractors, pay particular attention to the labor cost. Often you can pay more than average for highly qualified technician by reducing the costs on materials (buy them directly from the supplier).

How long did it take for the company to give you an estimate?

When it comes to deciding who to hire, homeowner often wait for the estimate because money matter right? Well, we suggest you look for more than the content of the estimate but also how long it took the company to give you the estimate. Punctuality in getting back to you with the quote will illustrated their working style.

What kind of roofing contractor are you looking for?

You can get hundreds of estimates from hundreds of contractors but to save you time and energy, you need to know in advance what kind of roofing company you need. Are you looking for a company specialized in green roofs or the one with the a certain certification. Have your criteria in place before you ask for quotes.

Get as many estimates as possible

Once you know what you’re searching and you have options, reach out to them and ask for estimates. Don’t settle for the first one that you receive. Yes, punctuality and fast reply is good but you never know how good the next offer can be. So, consider at least 3 quotes before you choose.

Payment deadline

The price written on the bottom of the estimate is important but there is one more thing you should read carefully – the payment deadlines. Think of your budget and when you get your salary.

Choose the warranty

Low prices are good but security is better. When you get the estimate, look if the company is giving you a warranty. If it’s not then you might need some more estimates later to repair the mistakes of the previous one.

Ask questions

Just the estimate itself is not enough. You need to ask questions to make sure you understand what the company is giving you and what they are NOT taking responsibility for. Clarify any grey areas that you notice.

Hidden costs

Sometimes the estimates don’t include the hidden costs, often because the roofing contractor never knows what will come up in the process. Maybe the issue was a lot more complex than it appeared or your roof needs deep cleaning before the repair. Add around $100 to your allocated budget for emergencies.

Do you need extra services?

And last but not least, when asking for an estimate make sure you tell the company all the services that you need, otherwise the final bill will be a surprise for you.

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