3 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof

With winter fall here and winter coming soon roof maintenance becomes a top priority. If you fail at it then you can expect rain in your house and a collapsed roof because of heavy snow. I am sure you want to avoid all of these and if the roof replacement is what it takes then it’s worth it.

Replacing a roof can be costly but sometimes it’s more efficient than constant repairs. We are not saying go and change your roof after the first issue, but you should definitely keep an eye on red flags that will hint you it’s time for a replacement. So, without further ado, let’s jump to discussing the three big signs that tell it is time to replace your roof.

Sign #1 Can you recall when the roof was installed?

If you can’t then that is a good sign you should be considering a replacement soon. Roofs have their expiration date and it is usually 20 to 25 years. If you’ve had your roof longer than that or you moved it and don’t know the actual age of the roof, then I recommend calling a maintenance service and having a checkup for the peace of your mind. And keep in mind that the front layers of your roof don’t always depict what’s underneath so, without a professional inspection, you can never know the real condition of your roof.

Sign #2 Shingles are Curled, Cracked or Missing

The next thing to look at are the shingles. As the roof gets older, over time it starts to curl which means the edges turn upward or the middle part comes up. Either way, not a good sign. Shrinking and curling is a result of weather conditions and if left unnoticed it might lead to leaking.
If you live in area where winds are no surprise, then you should be ready to tackle cracked shingles. One or two cracked shingles can be replaced fairly easily. However, if the cracks are scattered then the task gets harder and eventually you might have to replace the whole thing.
In some cases entire shingles can be gone and it happens for many different reasons wind, for example. Technically you can replace one, two, ten or twenty shingles but if you care about aesthetics then you should know how hard it is to find exactly the same shingles.
You can assess the state of your shingles with bear eyes so, if you are on the top of your roof, check them out and call professionals if you notice such problems.

Sign #3 Sagging

Sagging is perhaps the most alarming sign that indicates replacement. Why? Because sagging occurs when the roof has structural problems. It’s not an aesthetical or simple repair, sagging can cause issues in the foundation of your roof thus making it unsafe. If you notice depression or a droop, then it’s time to call the repair service and upon their consultation proceed to replacement.
Keep these signs in mind and stay safe!

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