Common Roofing Problems in Spring

If you live in a cold state where winters are full of snows and storms then the beginning of spring is a good news for you. It’s nice to be surrounded with green after seeing so much white. The days become longer, the driving easier and you can finally lose the heavy coats.

Spring is when the nature rises and so do maintenance problems. You couldn’t take care of many things because of weather but now that is not an issue anymore. There is the yard, the walls and of course the roof that need attention. In this article, we will cover some of the more common problems that occur with your roof in the spring.


Leaks are particularly common in early spring when the snow is melting. You can notice leaks in your ceiling and walls, and once the weather allows, you should check to find what spots on your roof have been damaged.

Leaks are most likely caused by relocated shingles, so you might just need to put the shingle back to its place or replace it.
It can be dangerous to go to the roof on your own because of possible icy surface, so get professional technicians to inspect and repair it if necessary.

Clogged Gutters

It is not just winter that creates problems for your roof. There is a season before that, which is as problematic as winter. Leaves fall in autumn and if you have trees in your yard and particularly close to your roof then those leaves sometimes fall right into your gutters and clog them.

Winter follows and they stay there for three months and prevent the gutters from performing their functions. So, when spring comes the problem is already quite complex. Check your gutters and clean them as soon as the weather allows.

You can unclog the gutters on your own but if you’re not sure what needs to be done then make an appointment with a roofing contractor.

Deteriorated Chimney

If you have an old house then this point might be the most relatable for you. For three months the chimney regularly had snow and ice sitting on it and because of that the crown of the chimney can crack. And as if that is not enough, when the snow or the ice melt, they go right into those cracks and make the situation a lot worse. So, in the spring you can have a very damaged chimney. In worst case scenario, the chimney can even fall off of your house.

You can notice cracks with your bare eyes and when you do, call a specialist for a more thorough inspection.

As you can see, spring itself doesn’t create much problems for your roof but it is the season when your roof unveils its issues. These three are the most likely to occur but watch out for other issues and remember that waiting will never fix your roof and it’s a matter of safety to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Stay safe!

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