What is the Purpose of a Roof Certification?

If you are thinking of buying a house or you are already in the process, then pay close attention because you might save a good deal of money and nerves with this information. You probably already read 100 times that you shouldn’t make the purchase without a house inspection. That is 100% true and you should follow that recommendation. But what you also need to know is that most of the house inspection services don’t include the roof and we all know that roofing can be expensive and time consuming.

You can, of course, trust the homeowner and believe that the roof is in good condition. However, you are putting yourself at risk of a saggy roof that will fall on you and damage the whole house, resulting in huge expenses. Yes, this is the worst-case scenario, but it can indeed happen and you can spare yourself that trouble with a roof certification.

So, what is roof certification?

Roof certification is an inspection separate from the house inspection. It’s a thorough and detailed examination of the roof aiming to find any issues that the roof currently has and can potentially have.

What can you expect from a roof certification?

After a careful examination, the roof inspector will give you information about the following:

  • Any missing or loose roofing materials
  • The condition of roofing materials
  • The status of the ridges, caps and drip edges
  • The condition of the roof pipes, chimneys, and vents

Generally speaking, they will give you the full picture of the roof that you are buying and the inspector will also give you an estimate of the number of years that the roof can still serve you. For many prospective homebuyers this piece of information is a decisive The condition of the roof pipes, chimneys, and vents factor – a deal breaker or even an opportunity to lower the price.
If the roof has serious problems and needs repairs then the inspection company can’t give a roof certification until all the necessary repairs are done.
Inspectors don’t use one inspection system and criteria on all roofs. There are factors that can affect the inspection such as the type of the roof (e.g. composition shingle, wood shake, clay, concrete, slate, metal, steel, etc.), the age of the roof matters too, the number of layers and even how many times the roof has been repaired before. If the frequency is a lot then the inspector might decide that re-roofing makes more sense than another set of repairs.

Why should you insist on getting a roof certification?

The answers are safety and money. Roofs are an essential element of every property and you need to make sure that it’s safe and secure. Plus, why spend money later on if you can spare yourself those costs right away. As a buyer, it’s your right to ask for a roof certification and as a seller, you should know that a roof certification is an additional plus for you.

If you’re a prospective homebuyer in need of Roof Certification before your big purchase, contact Roof Repair Specialist to schedule your inspection today!

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