Roofing Repairs

The degree of reliability of the house should not be judged only by a strong foundation, walls. Do not assign a secondary role for such an important element as the roof. Because it is she who is the first to resist all natural phenomena that bring excess moisture from the rains, heavy snowfalls, gale winds — all this tests the roof for strength.

Therefore, the roof structure should also be given maximum attention. If the installation of the roof will be carried out poorly, from low-grade material, then you risk in a short time, with excessive precipitation, run with tanks so that you are not thoroughly flooded.

When the work on the installation of the roof is made with high quality, you will not think for a long time about its repair. In the absence of proper installation quality, after a while you will have to do such an important matter as repairing the roof. And the first thing worth thinking about is the prices for roof repairs. Each type of repair begins with cost estimates. If you are not very strong in this, it is better to contact a construction company where  professional roofers will take care of this. And the professionals will calculate and advise you what costs will be better and more durable. In general, the prices will depend on the amount of work to repair the roof, the type of materials used for troubleshooting.

Roofing and repair of the roof are the types of installation that require careful preparation and skill from their performers. Repair work also varies depending on the nature of the problem. They should be carried out better under favorable weather conditions, in the dry warm season. Most often, problems occur in the area of   descents, as this is the wettest place where it accumulates. Consequently, when installing the roof on these places you do not need to feel sorry for the base material, and it is better to use an additional one – roofing felt, roofing felt. It should be checked and descents often.

In winter, it is important to timely remove from the roof of the snow cover. This should be done carefully, preferably with a rubber scraper. And in the summer you should not forget about it, sweep over the roof, clean from the accumulation of dirt and dust. They also have an adverse effect on coverage. There is another nuisance that must be removed – lichens, usually formed on the north side of the roof.

What type of repair you choose will depend on the technical condition of the roof and the main components that make up the structure. If you need a major overhaul of the roof, then it begins with the reconstruction of the rafters, where a partial or complete replacement of the elements of the truss system will be made. Since these elements are made of wood, they deteriorate under the influence of leaks, excessive moisture. Rotting rafters creates the threat of deformation of the whole structure. It can no longer securely fix the roof. If you find these rafters, you must replace them with new ones. Replacement of wooden rafters on rafters from a metal double beam is possible. These are beams made of high quality steel. They are needed to enhance the strength of the roof structure, and also give it additional rigidity.

Usually, the installation of metal truss construction is carried out when the old rafters have come into complete disrepair. With the overhaul of the roof, then the reconstruction is partially or completely subjected to sheathing and the main roofing. It is replaced completely. Also vary steam and waterproofing. If necessary, carry out repair work with other elements. In the case of cosmetic repairs, the roof covering is partially dismantled. This may be the treatment of antiseptic compositions of wooden elements. If the roof is metallic and several sheets have corroded, they should be replaced.

The lathing is also partially changed, if necessary or strengthened by filing from the side located inside the system of unloading from the boards. Install additional bolts, brackets, plates of metal or wood. Often, the causes of repair are gaps, holes and other mechanical damage, as well as the replacement of other elements of the roof: overhangs, skates, etc.

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