What Can I Do to Maintain My Roof?

Real estate is a big investment and a part of that investment is a renovation. The best-case scenario is to do it once and then fix small things when necessary. In-house minor repairs are inevitable and even though they cause inconvenience and require extra time and efforts, you can deal with them. But when it comes to the roof, you want to make sure that it serves you as long as possible without repairs let alone replacement.

Time and weather conditions can impact your roof and result in a need of repairs, but you can be proactive and with our maintenance tips prevent roof problems, big and small. So, without further ado let’s discuss how you can maintain the good condition of your roof.

Clean it regularly

I know that cleaning your roof sounds like an extra effort itself but in the long run, it will definitely save you lots of time and energy. Especially over fall and winter, a lot of dirt, leaves, and debris can gather on your roof. Don’t attempt to clean your roof on a snowy winter day or during a rainy fall afternoon. Wait for a nice sunny day before you go up to the roof.

For now, there special services that will clean your roof from the snow. It is an additional expense, but it can spare you interior leaking hence a subsequent renovation.

Do your own inspection

You don’t necessarily have to hire a group of professionals for a detailed inspection to find out that your roof has a problem. You on your own can detect basic problems such as missing or damaged shingles. And if you don’t ignore that and hope for the best but instead take an action then you will avoid further bigger problems. Simply take a walk around your house and look at your roof.

If you notice missing or dislocated shingles, you can replace or relocate it on your own. Do it right away unless the weather doesn’t allow.

Is your tree covering the roof?

Here is one more thing that as a homeowner you can work on. If you have trees on your yard that hang on the roof, then cut the branches that are directly over the roof. Why? For one thing, constant interaction between the shingles and branches can damage the shingles. Second, branches and leaves can fall on the roof and accumulate there. Besides, trees also attract raccoons, birds, squirrels, and other animals and you don’t want their nests on your roof.

See, it is not that hard, and it doesn’t require a big chunk of your time. You can quickly assess your roof when you are walking into your house. 30 minutes of your Sunday morning can be dedicated to cleaning the roof and just like that with small actions you spare yourself big problems and repairs.