3 Things You Never Want to Hear from Your Roofer

The roof is easily the most important part of your entire house. So long as it’s in good shape, everything else runs smoothly. To increase its durability, you’ll need to contact a professional roofing expert.

Their services include maintenance, re-roofing, and bi-annual inspections. Many people in Pasadena might present themselves as experts in the field, but how would you tell for sure?

If your contractor makes any of the following statements, reconsider your hiring options:

I don’t have a certificate of insurance”

Before hiring a contractor, ensure they’re licensed to operate in the state of California. They should also have a valid worker’s compensation and liability insurance. That way, if one of the workers is injured while repairing your roof, you won’t be held responsible. Some damage might also occur in the course of fixing the roof such as flooding.

Instead of resolving the mess at your own cost, liability insurance will pay for it. Your preferred roofing expert might opt to outsource part of the repair. In such instances, make sure the subcontractors also have insurance coverage.

I’m not familiar with this type of roof”

Your contractor might express doubt about fixing your roof but offer to do it anyway. In such cases, don’t proceed with the contract. Due to the unique layouts of different roof systems, the contractor without sufficient knowledge might end up causing more damage. Only hire contractors with proven expertise with your specific type of roof.

Your roof needs immediate replacement”

You’re free to seek a second opinion if your contractor suggests re-roofing. This is especially true if it’s still relatively new. Roofs are designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

Roofs can last for decades, provided you perform regular inspections and the required maintenance. Replacing a roof can be an expensive undertaking. Only do so if maintenance costs keep rising to the point of making a new roof more economically viable.

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