Here are some important steps to keep in mind to prepare for your upcoming roof installation project.


There will be a lot of LOUD noises, such as hammering, coil guns, and air compressors

Please be aware that the noise might rattle young children and pets, and might cause disturbance to those working or partaking in distance learning.


The vibrations caused during the roof installation will cause movement to items hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. Dust or debris will be prominent in areas with open beams, such as attics, garages, and anywhere in your home that you see the roof’s sheathing from the interior.

We highly recommend covering all valuables with tarps or bed sheets. If you do not want dust and debris on an item, please cover it. You can also hire a company to tarp large areas of your home if desired.


We clean up after ourselves daily. We do our best to limit items from falling off of the roof, however, there will be general debris falling off of the roof, such as dust and nails.

We ask that no pets, children, or adults be outside while our team is working on your roof.

We suggest you move or cover any furniture you have outside, and also move your vehicle away from the perimeter of your house/building.


If you have antennas, satellite dishes, and/or any electrical items on your roof, please have them relocated to a spot that is not on the roof. This needs to be done before our scheduled start date. We cannot relocate anything that has to do with electricity.

We are only responsible for exterior cleanup relating to the work performed on your roof. We are not responsible for any dust or debris inside your home.