Maintaining the quality and consistency of our product is extremely important. Learning through osmosis could certainly work when hiring a few people. However, we realized that as our company grows, we need constant and continuous training to ensure we deliver quality work for all our clients. 

That’s why for the last three years, we hold monthly company-wide training to review best practices, manufacturer specs and requirements, safety, and company processes. Investing in our people and their training is the key to our success.  

Additionally, we have a dedicated section of our yard where we built a mock roof with a chimney, skylight, dormer & valleys to train our team on the most difficult aspects of a roof.


One way we serve you is by adhering to rigorous industry safety guidelines, set by OSHA. Roofing is an extremely dangerous job, so we make it a top priority when serving you. Making safety an important part of our company culture means we are continually planning and training for potential risks.

“Our employees are our greatest asset, for without them our company cannot exist. My goal is to have a zero-accident workplace.”
Andre Afsharian, Owner

Here are some of the ways we ensure the safety of our team.

  • Monthly training – Constant training is key to infusing safety into our culture. It is not just about following rules; it’s about having a safety mindset.
  • CPR and First Aid training – All of our upper management and crew leaders are certified and trained in CPR & First Aid.
  • Proper hydration – This is the best preventative medicine against heat stroke and heat illness, so we provide cool drinking water for our team.
  • Provide safety gear – Eye and ear protection, hard hats, and harnesses are just a few of the safety gear staples we provide our team.
  • Periodic safety inspections – Tools and vehicles are regularly inspected during working hours, emphasizing that safety comes before profit.