Roof Inspection Report

Are you buying a property in Burbank, Pasadena, Long Beach or the surrounding Los Angeles area? If so, you have probably heard of either a Home or General Inspection Report. Roof Inspection Reports are essentially the same thing, but unlike a general inspection, it focuses on the state of your roof.

If you are in Escrow and need an inspection, we always recommend initially hiring a reputable general inspector. Depending on the complexity, age, and condition of the roof, they might recommend you consult with a licensed roofing professional in Los Angeles—that’s where we step in. If the general inspector deems the roof acceptable, you are probably good to go, but if you would like to be 100% certain, we are here to help. The last thing anyone wants after making a large purchase is to be surprised by a big bill for an unexpected expenditure. By doing your research and due diligence, you will know what to plan for and can have the seller pitch in to help with costs or in a reduction of price.

We will provide you with an Inspection Report (see a sample), along with an estimate for any necessary repairs, and photos of your roof. Both the estimate and the Inspection Report will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision as well as negotiate during the escrow process.

Please note that providing a Roof Inspection Report does not mean we will catch every defect on your roof, as some defects are not visible to the naked eye. In rare instances, a roof may have a problem and leak without any visible signs of an issue. During a roof inspection, we conduct a visual inspection and give our professional opinion if the roof is free of any major defects, both in material deterioration and installation methods.

Property SizeFee Amount
Single-family residence under 5000 square feet$295
Single-family residence more than 5000 square feet $350
Commercial propertyAssessment required

Roof Certification

Roof Certification is generally required by insurance companies or banks during policy renewals/refinancing, or during random inspections by insurance companies. The requirement of every institution is different. Here’s a sample roof cert from Roof Repair Specialist. Before you move forward, you should verify if this is what the institution is looking for. 

Before we provide a cert, we need to do a thorough inspection and will provide you with a copy of the Inspection Report (see above for more information on Inspection Reports). 

This can go one of two ways:  

  1. The Inspection Report comes back clear, in which case we will provide you with a Roof Cert at no additional cost. 
  2. The Inspection Report shows that work needs to be done, in which case we’ll provide an estimate for said work. Once the work is completed by us, we will also be able to provide the Roof Cert at no additional cost. (Note: if the work is completed by another roofer, we will need to come out for another inspection and charge another inspection fee in order to provide the Roof Cert. This is because we need to inspect the other roofers’ work.)

Please note: In order to get a Roof Cert, you have to pay for and have a Roof Inspection done. We don’t charge extra for Roof Certifications as long as your roof passes the inspection. Reference the section above for Inspection Report fees. 

It’s also important to note that if we certify a roof, it does not necessarily mean it is a hundred percent clear of defect or that it will not leak. It means that we have conducted a visual inspection, and in our professional opinion, the roof is free of any major defects, both in material deterioration and installation methods.

A Roof Cert or Roof Condition Certificate in no way stipulates or implies a warranty or guarantee of any kind. In the state of California, an entity or individual is not allowed to provide a warranty or guarantee on a product not manufactured or serviced by said entity unless said entity is registered with the California Department of Insurance as an insurance company with appropriate insurance holdings per DOI regulations and requirements.