There are two ways to repair a roof.

  • The first is a patch job. Let’s say your roof has a leak and you just want an immediate fix—so you watch a few YouTube videos, slap some tar over the problem, and call it a day (or you hire a handyman to do it for you.) In 10-20 minutes the job is done—but these issues remain:
  1. The root problem has not been taken care of.
  2. It’s based on guesswork and you’re slapping tar in different places hoping to take care of it.
  3. Even if you do get it right, it’s only a temporary fix—within a year, the tar will dry up and crack from the elements, and you’re back to square one.
  • The second way is to have a professional do a full repair job. Even if it costs a little bit more than a quick patch job, this will be a quality and permanent fix, and will outlast the rest of your roof.

At Roof Repair Specialist, our objective is to remove the problem area and install new roofing material to ensure you won’t have another leak in that spot again. If the job requires it, we’ll replace flashing and any damaged substrates. Whether we need to tear off the area or not, either way, we guarantee we will fix the issue. On top of that, we give a warranty for the majority of our repairs—which most other companies won’t provide—and, more importantly, we stand by it. We’ll take care of your home like it’s our own. 

So, if you’re looking for a cheap patch job for a temporary quick fix…you’re probably better off hiring a handyman. But if you want a quality, long-lasting repair, call us at 626-869-7663 or fill out this form to schedule an inspection. 

Please note that we have a minimum service charge of $1,200. This is to cover the cost of two or more crew members coming out and completing a service. If the repair on your property costs less than $1,200, the inspector or consultant will let you know and give their recommendation during the assessment.  

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Our Process

Before we are able to do any repairs, our first step is to send out an inspector for an initial assessment. Our inspectors are trained to pinpoint the source of the problem, present a solution on the spot, and provide an estimate for the work on-site. Once the estimate is approved, we send our technicians out to complete the repair. 

There may be instances where your roof needs a full replacement instead of a repair. For instance, we sometimes run into cases where a roof was built completely incorrectly and is beyond repair, or the roof is way too old and falling apart, and therefore requires a full replacement. Our goal is not to repair every single roof, it is to be honest and provide the best solution for your roof. 

What To Do When You Have a Leak

Bucket of water

Place buckets or large bowls under the dripping area to collect leaking water. Make sure to put towels or plastic sheeting under the buckets.

Bucket of water

If the leak is collecting in a bubble, gently poke a small hole to release pooling water in a bucket or large bowl.

Bucket of water

Remove personal belongings from the room to prevent damage to furniture and other items.

Bucket of water

Place buckets in your attic if you have one. The buckets will catch the water and stop it from going to the floor underneath.

Bucket of water

If leaking is occurring in light fixtures, keep the lights turned off and allow water to drip out of the light fixture into a bucket.

Bucket of water

Place towels across wet walls and on wet windowsills.

Bucket of water

If you can safely get on the roof, remove debris that may cause clogging or damming at the leak area.

Bucket of water

Take a wide angle picture pointing at the leak area, and reference it later with your consultant.

Common leak locations