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South Pasadena is one of the most coveted places to live in all of California. With its access to Los Angeles, abundant shops and restaurants, and lively culture, there’s always something to do.

But the warmth and sunshine of the region can take a toll on South Pasadena roofs, leading to cracked, brittle shingles.

Fortunately, Roof Repair Specialist is ready to handle any roof repair or replacement job in South Pasadena that comes our way. We’re your source for gutter replacement, warranties, financing, and more. 

Don’t put your family at risk by living in a house with a damaged roof. The consequences could be dangerous and even cost you more money in the long run.

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South Pasadena Roofing Installation Materials


Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in South Pasadena, owing to their unique combination of durability and affordability. Manufacturers make them from a combination of bituminous substance and gravel, creating a waterproof layer perfect for your home’s roof. Products come in various colors, helping you match the style to your property and neighborhood.

Shingle is a simple material to install, too. It’s lightweight, manageable, and often comes with quick-install self-adhesive strips. That means our local roofers can be in and out before you know it, reducing cost and inconvenience and completing work faster.

Tile Roofing

Tile is another popular roofing material in Pasadena CA. Residential homeowners love it for its durability, fire protection, and weather resistance.

Tile roofs are generally more expensive than shingles. However, we absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting a quality new roof that will stand the test of time. The material can last decades, often over fifty years, meaning any work our roofing company carries out today could last for generations. It also looks great, too!


Single-ply roofing is an option for both commercial and residential roofing projects. As a roofing contractor in Los Angeles, we use the material to cover large flat (or nearly flat) roofs.

You can choose from various single-ply materials when you come to us, including thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A roof contractor from our team will talk you through your options, showing you the costs and benefits of each so you can make an informed decision.

TPO is great for energy efficiency and weldability, creating a strong, water-tight seal with the roof structure below. Likewise, PVC can withstand fluctuating temperatures and has excellent fire resistance properties.

Torch Down

Torch down is another roofing option you might want to consider for a flat roof in Los Angeles. It can survive 20 to 30 years if you maintain it, and is fully waterproof.

Torch down is made of melted bitumen, similar to the crude oil-derived substance in shingles. The hydrocarbon content makes it ideal for low-slope or flat roofs where pooling is a concern. It also makes the material more flexible and accommodating of slight roof movements. Consequently, homeowners and businesses don’t need to worry as much about shifts after installation.

Wood Shake (Repairs only)

Finally, our roofing company offers roof repairs on wood shake roofs. Our team can deal with common problems, including flashing issues around chimneys or replacing damaged shakes.

We will recommend a different material if you need to re-roof your property. While wood shake was popular in the past, this roof type isn’t ideal for those looking to avoid roof replacements in the future.

Our Roofing Services In South Pasadena

Finding fantastic roofing services in South Pasadena should be simple. And with Roof Repair Specialist, it is.

Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring you get the best results possible, whether you are looking for a new roof for your house or repair work for your business premises.

South Pasadena Roof Replacements

Roof Repairs South Pasadena

As our company name suggests, we started out doing roof repairs in South Pasadena. But unlike other contractors, we never cut corners. Instead, our policy is to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

For example, suppose your roof is leaking and damaging your masonry, attic insulation, and rafters. Rather than applying a patch job, we fix the problem from the ground up.

Our roofers look for the underlying issue and resolve it, preventing the problem from returning in the future.

Need a contractor in Los Angeles? Talk to us about your roof repairs.

South Pasadena Gutter Installation

Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is a service that helps you extend the life of your shingles. You can apply the treatment as few as seven years after getting your roof installed, and every five years after that.

The way it works is simple. A Roof Repair Specialist roofing contractor will arrive at your South Pasadena property and inspect your shingles. If treatment is possible, they will apply a safe oil to the roof, leaving time for it to infuse into the material.

Once treatment is complete, your roof is better protected against the elements and less prone to drying out and cracking. This extends its lifespan and makes it less likely you will have to replace it.

Call our team in Los Angeles to learn if Roof Maxx is the right option for you!

Roof Maintenance South Pasadena

Additional Expert Roofing Services

Finally, we offer a host of additional roofing services in Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Los Angeles, and South Pasadena. These include house and business premises roof inspections, including reports and certifications; various quality roof coatings including elastomeric (acrylic) and silicone; replacement skylights; repairs to damaged eaves and flashings; installation of attic vents in residential properties.

To arrange a service, pick up the phone and speak to a roofing contractor. As the best roofers in the business, we’re here to help you!

Signs You Need South Pasadena Roofers

Working out whether you need a South Pasadena roofing crew to come to your property isn’t always straightforward. As always, we suggest erring on the side of caution. If you think you have a problem with your roof, you probably do.

Here are some common signs you might need roof repairs or replacement:

Sagging Roof

If your roof looks like it dips in the middle, it could mean one of the rafters has collapsed. It could also indicate the roof is too old or is supporting the wrong materials.

Roof Leaks

While South Pasadena is sunny, rainwater can still get in throughout the year, leading to moisture and damp issues. Roof repairs are usually necessary if your rafters or insulation are damp.

Roof Age

A roof past its sell-by date may require replacement, regardless of how well you maintain it. That’s because the materials it is made of eventually wear out. Shingle lasts around 20 to 30 years, while tiles can survive for 50 or more.

Animals In The Attic

If you notice pests in the attic, it usually means they are getting in through a broken roof section. Repairs or replacement roofing completed to a high level of professional workmanship can prevent them from getting in.

Higher Energy Bills

Finally, higher energy bills may also indicate a problem with your roofing. If you believe you require a roof contractor to fix your roof, talk to our Los Angeles-based team. We can provide a free estimate and tell you how much your roof work will cost over the phone.

Extend The Life of Your Roof in South Pasadena, CA

South Pasadena Commercial Roofing Contractors

How to Pick a Los Angeles Roofer?

When seeking the best roofers in South Pasadena, CA, you’re probably looking for an honest, professional, and punctual contractor who puts you first. Luckily, Roof Repair Specialist is just the company for the job.

Here’s why our client satisfaction is so high in Pasadena and communities across Southern California:

Impeccable Communication

We believe constant communication is key. Our roofers continually update you on your project, letting you know how we are progressing. Your roofer keeps you informed to ensure you are completely satisfied and always in the loop.

Excellence & Professionalism

Our professional roofers are trusted by local customers throughout South Pasadena CA and the Better Business Bureau to do an amazing job. Unlike some other roofers, we work to prevent roof damage and never charge hidden fees, giving you peace of mind.

Free Estimates By Pro Roofers

When you call our team to check out your property, we include a free estimate in all our South Pasadena roofing services, whether you want to replace the entire roof or fix the gutters. All you have to do is decide when you want to go ahead.

Careful Workmanship

Our team of roofing contractors always produces quality results you’ll love. Our team can build you a stunning new roof, whether you are installing new vents, working around skylights or chimneys, or simply trying to avoid water damage.

Locally Owned

As local roofers, we care about South Pasadena and the rest of the community. We have numerous family connections in the area, driving us daily to provide the best possible services. Family values are important to us and we treat our customers like part of the family.

Quality Installation

Roof Repair Specialist focuses on quality roofing, to ensure your project delivers what was promised. For example, we run a 100% guarantee, allowing you to call our professionals back to your site if you’re not completely satisfied with our work.

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We instill our core values in every team member and job we do and believe in wowing our clients through exemplary customer service, quality roofing, fairness, accountability, and getting the job done right the first time. Constant improvement and dedication are woven into every South Pasadena roofing project.

We stand out from the competition by always being on time and staying on track with deadlines, even when L.A. traffic stands in our way. We’re fully insured and only work with licensed crews and roofing technicians. Plus, we keep our prices fair and will never try to upsell you on unnecessary roofing services.

Whether you need residential or commercial roofing experts, we’ve got you covered.

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