Manufacturers claim that roofs should last up to 50 years, but most of the roofs we replace now are 20-25 years old. What’s going on? 🤷

Today’s shingle manufacturers include less asphalt in shingles, which means they include less of the natural oils that give shingles the flexibility to withstand the elements over time. That means today’s asphalt roofs don’t last as long as they used to, and nowhere near what the warranty claims. (Search the web for “class-action roofing lawsuits” to get a sense of how bad it’s gotten out there.) 

That is why we at Roof Repair Specialist decided to partner with Roof Maxx. As Roof Maxx dealers, we can help you extend the life of your roof in the Burbank, Pasadena, Long Beach, and the greater Los Angeles area.

Roof Maxx is a revolutionary new technology that allows you to rejuvenate your roof. This special formulation of soybean-based oils soaks into your shingles to restore dried-out oils, as well as the flexibility and waterproofing protection of your shingles. This means each treatment extends the life of your roof for an additional five years to protect you and your family! Roof Maxx is a safe, all-natural food-grade product that is 100% safe for people, animals, property & the environment.

Amazing Features of Roof Maxx:

• Extends the life of your roof by 5 years

• Shingles move again with the wind and rain without breaking

• Slows down granule loss process

• Improves adhesion

• All-natural, 100% safe for people, animals, property & the environment

• Save money!

We are a 5-Star Certified Roof Maxx Dealer! Fill out the form below, or call us at 626-869-7663 for more information about how Roof Maxx can extend the life of your Southern California roof! 

Roof Maxx