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San Marino is a beautiful and cozy community known for the Huntington Library, as well as its picturesque homes and parks. However, roofing in San Marino is serious business.

The city of San Marino building and safety guidelines are different than most other cities in the area, and there are specific rules in place that every contractor must follow if they are going to install a new roof in San Marino.

So if you need a new roof installation or roof repairs on your San Marino home, make sure you hire an experienced roofing contractor who knows all of the city’s guidelines and will adhere to them correctly. 

If you need a new roof, call Roof Repair Specialist in San Marino, CA. We are licensed, bonded and insured for roofing services throughout Los Angeles, CA.

We are skilled roofing professionals who are experienced and loved among your San Marino neighbors. We do quality roof repairs and replacement that last through the rainy season.

We communicate through the process of roof repair or replacement and aim for timely completion.

Roof Repair Specialist offers financing options if you are unable to pay for your roofing project fully. We offer roof repair, new roof services, maintenance, as well as gutter installation service in San Marino.

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Reliable San Marino Roofing Services

As one of the best rated roofing companies in Los Angeles and Southern California, we are trusted by hundreds of homeowners to do roof replacements and roof repairs in San Marino, CA.

The city has many guidelines that need to be followed when installing new roofs, and our team is knowledgeable in obtaining city of San Marino permits.

Here are some of the guidelines particular to San Marino that we adhere to as a local roofer:

  • Branded vehicles are not allowed to park on San Marino streets, unless the driver acquires a permit. For this reason we ask customers to park in their driveway, since we cannot park our company trucks on the street. 
  • Yard signs are also not allowed, and homeowners can be fined for having a yard sign on their lawn, so we do not place yard signs in San Marino. 

We adhere to the local guidelines of the San Marino city and community. We admire the neighborhood and want to make sure we provide trustworthy and reliable services to homeowners and property managers in San Marino and throughout Los Angeles, CA.

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What Type of Roofing System is Allowed in San Marino? 

Do you repair wood shingles in San Marino?

Wood shingles used to be a popular roofing material in San Marino. However since this isn’t a fire resistant material, you’ll new roofing installations typically being done with tiles or shingles.

We can repair wood shingles if your San Marino home already has wood shingles installed. However we do not replace this material if the entire roof needs to be redone. We can recommend other quality materials instead during your consultation.

When you get in touch with us for an appointment, a roofer will come out and show you samples of different materials and help you pick the best choice for your house or businesses.

Can You Have a Shingle Roof in San Marino?

The biggest question we get asked by homeowners is whether they can install asphalt shingles or composite shingles in San Marino. The short answer is: it depends. 

  • The first thing the city will look at is what type of roof your neighbors have. They’ll look at the 5 neighbors in front of you, two to the sides, then 5 in the back. If anyone in that vicinity has a shingle roof, the probability of the homeowner getting a shingle roof approved is a lot greater. 
  • The next step is to attend the DRC meeting, which takes place weekly via zoom or in person. We attend this meeting for our customers, for a fee. We gather signatures from the neighbors signing off that they’re OK with the neighbor getting a shingle roof. We present this at the DRC meeting, and wait for the committee to make their decision. 
  • If the committee approves shingle roofing, the only materials allowed are typically Certainteed’s Landmark TL or Presidential TL, or a higher grade premium shingle. The committee won’t approve basic architectural shingles. 
  • Besides shingles, tile roof repairs and replacements are allowed, and the process is simple when we’re installing the same tile that’s already on the roof. 

As you can see, there is a lot of detail and research involved for anyone doing roofing services in San Marino.

That is why we are the preferred roofing company for San Marino homeowners — we know the area, we understand the requirements of the city, and we will provide quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service.

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San Marino Roof Replacement

We offer exceptional roofing services in San Marino, starting with quality roof installation. We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout San Marino who hired our local roofers for quality work in roof installation.

We’re the best San Marino roofer with a track record of knowing how to work with the city and follow their guidelines when you want to get your roof replaced.

We do our best to provide the best roofing experience and the highest quality roofing products available to San Marino residents.

San Marino Roof Repairs 

Every roofing project is different, and no two roofs in San Marino are alike. That’s why our roofing crew assesses each roof accordingly and provides a free estimate on our recommendations. We won’t oversell you a re roof if you only need a small area of repairs.

Whether you have a roof leak, damaged flashing, or missing tiles, and whether it’s a flat roof or sloped tile roof, we have the roofing experienced to repair the damage.

We have an unwavering commitment to finding the source of your damaged roof and resolving it once and for all. Ready to finally handle your roof repair needs? Get in touch with the best roofer in San Marino to get started!

San Marino Gutter Installation

Complete your San Marino roof replacement with a new gutter replacement! A functioning gutter system is essential to waterproofing your home and diverting water away. If your gutters are damaged, they can cause pooling to occur, which can lead to roof leaks. If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call – our expert roofers have you covered.

Connect with our San Marino roofing contractor to install brand new gutters in San Marino. We offer a variety of colors and styles that will match your tile roofing. Check out our reviews to see why San Marino homeowners love Roof Repair Specialist, then give us a call for a free estimate on gutter replacement in San Marino and Pasadena!

San Marino Roof Maintenance

Looking for reliable service on your tile roof? Our San Marino roofers are experts in roof maintenance.

We offer preventative maintenance plans for homes and commercial properties that will keep your roof healthy and long-lasting. We bring professionalism and quality workmanship with us on every roofing project, including something small like routine maintenance.

We’ll schedule a day and time that works for you, and our roofing professionals will come out and perform a good quality maintenance check, sealing any openings or cracks in flashings, and replacing any missing or cracked tiles. Communication is key, and we’ll keep you informed of what we did on your roof.

For quality roof maintenance services, make an appointment with our San Marino roofing company today!

San Marino Roof Inspection Reports & Certifications

Do you need a roof inspection report for your insurance company? Or perhaps you are looking to buy a home in San Marino.

We recommend getting a roof inspection report for these purposes. If work needs to be done, our San Marino roofing contractor will provide accurate estimates for any repairs.

The report will cover the age of materials, how well your existing roof has been maintained, and recommendations for additional work. Call our San Marino roofers for your roofing needs!

We Install the Best Roofing Materials in San Marino, CA

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are your go-to option in San Marino. Our San Marino roofing contractor provides quality installation on a variety of clay, concrete, flat or S shape tiles.

Choose your favorite option for your house or commercial property, and our trustworthy roofers will handle the installation with the best workmanship.

Get in touch with San Marino roofing professionals to install tile roofing products!

Torch Down Roofing

If your home or garage roof is flat, we can install torch down roofing materials that are fairly easy to install and long-lasting.

This material requires certification and following safety rules, so we recommend hiring a licensed and insured roofer who has experience in torch down roof installation in San Marino.

Call our professionals for residential or commercial roofing services in San Marino!

Shingle Roofing

As we mentioned earlier, composite shingles can be installed in San Marino under specific circumstances.

If you are interested in getting a shingle roof in San Marino, whether it’s for residential properties or businesses, get in touch with our San Marino roofing contractors to see what we can do.

Extend The Life of Your Roof in San Marino, CA

How to Pick the Right San Marino Roofing Company

When hiring a local roofer, you want to make sure they meet specific qualifications.

Here is what makes us the best choice for roof replacement and roof repair in San Marino:

Local Roofers

We understand San Marino and know the city guidelines. Our roofing contractors adhere to local codes and install the right materials that pass city inspections. We also provide warranty and financing, which you can learn about when you contact us!

Free Estimate

Unlike other contractors in the roofing industry, we pick up the phone. We are available to answer questions, and we’ll walk you through the estimate to make sure you feel comfortable before we start on your project.
Get in touch to get started!

Trained Professionals

We’ve got you covered with quality service in San Marino. Our roofers are trained and have decades of hands-on experience with different roofing materials. We also provide in-house training to ensure our team follows safety guidelines on a roof.

About Us: Roofing Contractors in San Marino, CA

Our Core Values

  • Deliver “Wow!” through service 
  • Fairness in all interactions
  • Personal accountability
  • Get it done
  • Have fun doing what you do
  • Constant improvement of self and company

Top Tier Roofing Solutions in San Marino, CA

Are you looking to get your dream home with quality results? Connect with the best San Marino roofing company today for a free estimate on your upcoming roofing project!

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have been happy to hire us for new roof installation, repairs, and commercial roofing services in San Marino CA and the greater Los Angeles area.

We have decades of combined experience in San Marino and are ready to bring you quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service. We have a commitment to providing these reliable services in the community, whether it’s for roof replacement, roof repairs, or even minor maintenance services.

We are licensed, bonded and insured roofers that do quality service on fixing a roof leak or installing new roofing material for residential and commercial property managers.

We proudly service San Marino and the local community around Pasadena, Alhambra, and Los Angeles, CA.




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