Roofing Contractor in Burbank, CA

Burbank is the media capital of the country. With sunshine nearly all year round, your roof may be the last thing you think about. But when it comes time to do any repairs to it, you want to hire a trusted roofer in Burbank to handle the job correctly.

Roof Repair Specialist is a roofing company in Burbank, CA, and we’re here for all your roofing needs. Whether you need services for a residential or commercial property, our licensed and experienced roofing contractors in Burbank are here to help.

Local roofers are aplenty in Burbank, but when it’s time to get your roof fixed, make sure you go with someone who is licensed, fully insured, experienced, and on top of that has excellent ratings online. Contact us today and ask us about what financing and warranty options are available for your property. We fix roof issues from their source, ensuring they don’t return.

Our roofing contractors have been proudly serving Burbank CA and surrounding cities for over a decade, including North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena. We’re located on Victory Pl near Costco.

If you need new roofing in Burbank, we hope you will trust us to take care of your property. Check out our reviews and licensing, and don’t hesitate to ask questions before moving forward with your roofing project. Call today for a free consultation!

Stop living with a damaged roof and contact us today!

#1 Roofer Burbank, CA

Since the weather is almost always warm here, any day is a great day for Burbank roof replacements and repairs. Call our roofing contractors today, and our experienced technicians will visit you quickly, assess the roof work needed, and find the cause of any problems.

We install top notch roofing systems that include ventilation and gutters to keep your home safe for years to come. If you need roof leak repair done, we’ll find it fast and take care of the problem.

If it’s time to replace shingles, tiles, or flashing, we’ll do the job efficiently. Whether you need help with commercial roofing inspections or residential roofing repairs, call us, and we’ll be there.

About Us: Roof Repair Specialist in Burbank

Our Core Values

Deliver “Wow!” through service 
Fairness in all interactions
Personal accountability
Get it done
Have fun doing what you do
Constant improvement of self and company

Burbank Roofers with a Family Feel

Roof Repair Specialist was started by two brothers, Andre and Chris. Both of them pour their hearts and souls into their local, family owned and operated business. We aim to harness a good reputation that stands out in the roofing industry.

Andre and Chris had a goal of creating a local roofing business unlike any other in the roofing industry – a reliable roofing company that picks up the phone, ensures quality work, and doesn’t forget to provide exceptional customer service.

Residential and Commercial Services in Burbank, CA

We provide affordable roofing services and the best customer service from any roofing company in Burbank. Take a look at our services below, and call us when you need to get any of these roofing services completed on your property. Check out our roofing construction services below.

Roof Replacement Burbank, CA

Roof replacements take a lot of precision and attention to detail. Our local roofing contractors are experienced in residential and commercial roofing installation in Burbank CA. We install asphalt shingles, tiles, as well as options for flat roofs, like single ply roofing systems.

Our roofing materials also may come with warranties by the manufacturer, so we will let you know if your roof installation qualifies for any type of warranty. Your new roof will protect your family from inclement weather and storm damage.

If you are getting solar panels installed, let our team know so we can coordinate schedules and get our work done in a timely manner.

Our roofing contractors give a fair estimate on your roof replacement in Southern California. Our family owned company loves what we do, and we’ll treat your roof like it’s our own. When it’s time for you to get a new roof installed, call the #1 roofer in Burbank for hassle-free estimates!

Roof Repairs in Burbank, CA

Most homeowners don’t realize they have a problem on the roof until it’s too late and the issue reveals itself through leaks, holes, skylights leaking, sagging roof, and other noticeable problems.

Over a decade ago, we started out in roof repairs at the very beginning, so that’s our bread and butter! Our local roofing contractors provide leak repairs in Burbank and surrounding cities in Southern California.

We will address your roof leak by locating the exact source of the problem, and won’t recommend fully re roofing if it’s not necessary. We’ll do an outstanding job and stand by our roofing work, and if the issue comes back, we will come and check out the damaged roof again until we find a solution.

When you need roofing services in Burbank, call us about our construction services and roof repair estimates!

Gutter Installation in Burbank, CA

Gutters are a vital component of successful roofing systems. They will ensure water doesn’t stay pooled on your roof because that can cause leaks and other damages.

Our local roofing contractors provide gutter installation with a variety of colors and styles to match the rest of your house. We can also install gutter guards to keep out pests and debris from piling in and clogging your new gutter system.

Call us today to learn more! We provide the best roofing services and customer service in Burbank.

Roof Maxx

Our Burbank roofing contractors are a 5 Star Roof Maxx dealer in Burbank and Pasadena. We provide this service in the Los Angeles area to prolong the life of your shingle roof by up to 5 years. Roof Maxx is environmentally safe, and it soaks into shingles to restore some of their flexibility. This can help the roof last longer, so give us a call if you’d like a free estimate to see if this can help your roof.

Roof Coating and Maintenance

We handle a variety of roofing projects, including not only big replacements but also routine maintenance. Our local roofing contractors in Burbank CA provide this routine residential and commercial roofing service in order to catch early signs of wear and damage and fix them before they turn into a larger, more expensive roof issue.

We provide a variety of roof coating options in the Los Angeles area. This is a great option for your flat roof and commercial roofing systems like torch down.

Call our local roofing contractors today to schedule service for your residential or commercial properties!

Inspection Reports and Certs

Our inspectors are highly trained to provide roof inspections and certification reports upon request. We charge a small fee for those, which you can learn more about by clicking the button below. This is a great and necessary service for anyone looking to buy a home, as our local roofing contractors provide a report showing roofing issues that you can use to save money on your new home.

Choose the Best Roofing Consultants in Burbank, CA

Need high-quality roofing in Burbank or the greater Los Angeles area? Roof Repair Specialist is a family-owned business, and we want your family to be treated right. That’s why we guarantee that our roofing contractors provide quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service.

Fair, reasonable pricing

Our trustworthy roofing contractors provide free estimates on any roof repair and roof replacement work. And if you have any questions before you sign, our roofing consultants will honestly explain every step of the work that needs to be done on your roof.

Licensed Roofers

Our team is fully licensed and insured to provide roofing services in the state of California. We hold every type of license and insurance needed to protect your property as well as our employees. Get in touch today for your new roof or other roofing services!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our licensed Burbank roofing contractors will do an excellent job and finish the roofing project in a timely manner, and we install only the best roofing products that we believe in. We guarantee that no payment is necessary until your project is complete.

Great Communication

Our Los Angeles roofing company takes pride in providing excellent customer service. A project manager will keep you informed of job progress and answer any questions you have on your project. Get started and call the best Burbank roofing contractors today.

Trained Roofing Crew

We train our roofing contractors and technicians in expert roof installation and safety, to provide the best quality roofing services to you and your loved ones. We even send supervisors to your home to inspect the work, ensuring safety and quality.

Excellent Ratings

Our family owned roofing company takes pride in being the best rated roofer in the country! We have thousands of happy customers, and hundreds of 5 star reviews across Yelp, Google, and other websites. Ready for a new roof in Burbank? Call our roofers to get started!

Commercial Roofing Contractor Burbank, CA

Roof Repair Specialist provides commercial roofing services in Burbank, CA. Whether it’s for your business or HOA, our professionals have the team and equipment necessary to do a quality roofing job with as limited interference as possible to your tenants.

We have experience with flat roofs as well as tile and shingle roof repair in the construction industry. We also provide excellent coatings for flat roofs like silicone coating, which can help prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof. Get new modern roofing in Burbank with our commercial roofing services!

Types of Roofs Our Roofing Contractors Service in Burbank, CA

There are so many roofing materials to choose from for your construction project. When you’re looking to replace your roofing materials, call our professionals for samples and to help you pick the best option for your property.

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are extremely common in the Los Angeles area.

Our roofers are a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning, which means we have proven that we do an exceptional job installing a roofing system with new shingles that’s manufacturer approved.

Torch Down Roofing

Torch down is a great option for flat roof in Burbank and the greater Los Angeles area.

Our crew is well versed in installing this roofing type and can guarantee we put safety first during the installation. Call us for more info on our roofing services for flat roofs!

Tile Roofs

If you want a new tile re roof, there are many styles to choose from – Spanish tile, flat, S tile, clay tile.

Our roofing crew is trained to the highest standard and fully licensed to install these tile roofing systems in Burbank! Call our roofing contractors for samples and free estimates on commercial roofing and residential roofing solutions.

Single-Ply Roofs

Our contractors install TPO and PVC single-ply roofing throughout Burbank, CA.

Roofing companies use these materials for commercial roofing installation and large-scale projects. They’re super-easy to install and maintain and they’re relatively affordable.

Self-Adhered Roofing

Our Burbank roofing contractors install self-adhered granulated and cap sheet roofing membranes. These are excellent waterproofing options for commercial premises.

We’re the top roofing contractor offering this service in Burbank. Call now to learn more!

Wood Shingle & Cal Shake Repairs

As licensed Burbank roofing contractors, we don’t install new wood shake or cal shake roofs, however, if you need professional repairs for your wood shake roof or cal shake roof, we’re more than able to help.

Our contractors are happy to provide free estimates for an alternative replacement.

View our Project Gallery and check out the roofs we have installed in Burbank and throughout LA County!

Extend The Life of Your Roof in Burbank, CA

Our Process for Roof Installation in Burbank, CA

Roof replacement is a daunting project for most homeowners and property managers. That’s why our roofing company has a process in place so you know exactly what to expect when it’s time for your new roof replacement in Burbank, CA.

1. Arrange an appointment

Start by contacting our friendly customer service team to arrange your free consultation. We’ll select a day and time that works for you and one of our professional inspectors to meet.

2. Assess your roof

An inspector will arrive at your property and assess the current state of your roof. Our roofers are knowledgeable and skilled in finding the source of roofing issues.

3. Provide a quote on services

The inspector will provide you estimates with the best price possible. He will also walk you through the line items and exactly what remodeling services we recommend.

4. Material selection

The inspector will also provide material options so you can see exactly what we’ll be installing on your property. Get modern roofing with the exact materials you want!

5. Schedule the Roof Installation

Our team will review the scope of work, pull permits, and schedule city inspections as needed.
We’ll do all the prep work to get you your dream new roof.
Once everything is ready to go, we’ll give you a call to schedule the work to begin.

6. Expert Roof Installation in Burbank

Our licensed roofers in Burbank will install a brand new roof that suits your specific needs.
The project will take a few days or weeks, depending on the size of the property.
We’ll do a quality job, and we never leave a site without cleaning up after ourselves.

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once the project is complete, take a look and let us know if you are satisfied.
Leave us a review letting others in your neighborhood know about your experience with our professional roofers in Burbank.

Roofers that Care About Safety

A business owner fails when not taking care of their staff. At Roof Repair Specialist, safety is a number one priority. Our crew is trained in proper roof installation as well as roof safety, how to wear a harness, and all other OSHA rules.

“Our employees are our greatest asset, for without them our company cannot exist. My goal is to have a zero-accident workplace.”

Andre Afsharian, Owner

6 Signs That You Need Roof Repair in Burbank, CA


Water that infiltrates into your building’s interiors will begin to cause damage quickly, putting your Burbank property at risk of mold and mildew.

Missing Roofing

Missing shingles or cracked tiles leave room for water to penetrate through underlayment, soak into the plywood, and enter your attic or living space.

Sagging Roof

Sometimes a roof appears to bow or slump in certain places. A sagging roof may indicate a structural fault or issue with the beams or rafters.

Granule Loss

When granules continue to fall off of shingles, this is a sign that the shingles are aging and losing their protective coating, and it’s time to install new shingles.

Rotting Wood

Rotting wood in your rafters is another sign of a serious problem and means you need a roofing contractor to provide you with a full roof replacement.

High Energy Bills

Holes, problems with insulation and excessive moisture force your heating system to work harder to maintain the same temperature, causing higher bills that month.

Schedule service with the #1 roofing company in Burbank CA!

Need roofing in Burbank CA? Don’t put it off any longer, give us a call today! Our local roofing contractors will deliver quality roofing solutions, exceptional customer service, and do an impeccable job. We’re located on Victory Blvd in Burbank, and we service the greater Los Angeles area.

Our roofing contractors offer exceptional commercial roofing and residential roofing solutions. We’re licensed and insured, with a fantastic reputation among roofing contractors in Southern California.

Get in touch with our roofing contractors to learn more about our roofing services in Burbank. Check out our service area, and call our roofing contractors when you’re ready for professionals to help you out with your residential and commercial roofing needs.




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