Roofing Contractor in Arleta, CA

If you are looking for an Arleta, CA roofing company offering exceptional roofing services, you’re in the right place! Roof Repair Specialist is here to help you with all your roofing needs in the local area, no matter the size of your roofing project. Our team performs roof installations, repairs, and various roofing systems to help you protect your buildings.

Roof Repair Specialist is a family-owned and locally respected roofing company in business for over ten years. As such, we have the extensive residential and commercial roofing experience you need for practically any roofing project.

Our philosophy is to get to the root of issues and protect you against unnecessarily high costs long term. Because of this, we only use the highest quality roofing materials and always fix the cause of problems instead of papering over them whenever we carry out roof repairs. And we guarantee no payment is necessary until your project is completed!

So if you are looking for the best roofing contractors in Arleta, CA, you are in luck. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs and to see how we can be of service.

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Exceptional Roofing Services in Arleta, CA

Roof Repair Specialist has been serving Arleta, CA and the broader community since 2011. In that time, our roofers has helped countless homeowners and businesses transform their roofs and protect their properties.

Whether you need a roof replacement, expert roof service, or a roof inspection, our team of licensed contractors is here to help. Every team member goes through rigorous training and has extensive knowledge of our policies, processes, and procedures to keep you safe. No wonder we’re taking the Southern California roofing industry by storm!

Our roofing company handles every Arleta CA roofing project with the utmost care and professionalism. Roofers work closely with you, whether re-roofing a business premises or renovating a home. Our fully licensed team always offers excellent service. That’s why we are the preferred roofing contractors for so many people in Arleta.

Quality Roofing Services Across Arleta CA

Regardless of what type of roofing services your home or business needs, Roof Repair Specialist can help. Our roofing company has experience across the board, offering numerous options for commercial premises and residential properties.

Roof Repairs

New Roof Installation

Roof Coatings

Roof Maxx for Asphalt Shingles

Maintenance for Pitched and Flat Roofs

Roof Inspections and Certification

We will always attempt to carry out expert roof fixes where economically feasible. Roof Repair Specialist offers various roofing services to extend the life of your roof. Our crew can apply acrylic and silicone coatings to protect against UV damage and improve waterproofing, particularly on flat commercial roofing.

However, roof replacement services are sometimes necessary when roofs reach the end of their natural life. Even hardy materials like tiles eventually wear out, requiring replacement services.

Our San Fernando crew has exceptional knowledge in various roofing systems, so book an appointment today.

Guaranteed Quality Roofing Services

Our Arleta roofers offer superior roofing solutions that don’t put you in danger. We also guarantee satisfaction with results, or we will return to fix the problem.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our five-star reviews and references. Communities in the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, and Los Angeles love what we do. That’s because we’re not satisfied until the results are perfect.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services In Arleta CA

Take a look at our comprehensive commercial and residential roofing services in more detail.

Roof Replacement Arleta CA

Roof replacement involves removing your old roof and installing a new one. This service is often necessary if your roof is old or storm-damaged.

With Roof Repair Specialist, you can replace your existing roof with new tiles, shingles, or torch down roofing material. If you have a wood or cal shake roof, we recommend replacing it with higher-quality materials that can serve you longer.

Before you make a decision on the roofing material best for your needs, we’ll show you different colors and samples to ensure you are happy with the selection before installation.

Book an appointment today and discover how you can get a new roof at a reasonable price.

Roof Repairs Arleta CA

A roof leak can cause harm to the rest of your property. Water can infiltrate your building, degrading the rafters, masonry, and insulation, causing smelly and unsightly mold and dampness.

Fortunately, we can help. Our local roofers in Los Angeles County are experts in repairing the root cause of problems with your roof. It’s all part of our commitment to proper workmanship. Our licensed roofers fix whatever is causing the issues instead of patching over it with ineffective solutions that put your house or business at risk.

Call us to learn more about our expert roof repair service!

Gutter Installation Arleta CA

Gutters and downspouts are essential for keeping your property dry. Without them, your house or business can develop mold, structural weakness, and even subsidence.

Roof Repair Specialist’s roofing contractors perform various gutter repairs and installation services. Our Arleta roofers can also clean gutters as part of larger construction projects.

Not sure what type of gutters to get? We offer a variety of colors and styles to match your property. We also install gutter guards on your new gutters to ensure water and debris don’t clog the pathways, and water can exit the roof without pooling.

Call our professional roofers and book your gutter and downspout services today.

Roof Maxx

Shingles are a cost-effective and attractive residential roofing solution. The popular roofing material comprises several layers that work together to provide durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. However, shingles can lose granules and flexibility sooner than expected.

Roof Repair Specialist sells several shingles-related services, including installation and repairs. We also offer proprietary Roof Maxx treatment to extend your shingle roof’s life. This service involves applying natural oil to shingles, preventing them from drying out and restoring their flexibility.

Contact one of our certified roofers to come and check whether Roof Maxx is a good option for your roof!

Roof Maintenance Services Arleta CA

Roof maintenance services help keep your roof in good condition for longer while reducing long-term costs. Getting our contractors in Arleta to check over your roof periodically cuts overall expenses and gives you peace of mind for homeowners and business executives.

Join our existing clients by scheduling regular roof maintenance services today with the #1 roofing contractor in Arleta.

Professional Roof Inspections Arleta CA

Sometimes your insurance company may require a roof inspection or certification report from you. Or perhaps you want to get a roof inspection or roof cert while you are in escrow for a new home.

You can contact us for a professional roof inspection to assess the quality of your roofing and its ability to protect your building. With our expertise, you can identify any structural issues, necessary repair work, or damage to the gutters – great if you are buying or insuring a property.

Call today to book a roof inspection with one of our experienced and trustworthy contractors.

Flat Roof Business Services Arleta CA

Commercial roofing is often flat, which presents a unique set of challenges. While this roof type is inexpensive to install, it can increase the need for repairs and maintenance over time.

Roof Repair Specialist offers various services to help the roof of your commercial building last longer. We apply standard and premium coatings, protecting your facilities and preventing assets from becoming degraded over time. You can also hire us to eliminate standing pools of water or problems around skylights and windows.

Call the #1 certified commercial roofing contractor in Arleta today!

Our Process for Roofing in Arleta CA

To ensure client satisfaction is as high as possible, we follow a tried-and-tested process. Following this approach guarantees an excellent job and great customer service.

1. Book Your Appointment

Step one starts with booking your consultation for a residential or commercial roofing service. Our professional contractors in California need to come out to the property to discuss your needs and see the property firsthand, finding out more about how we can help you.

2. Evaluation of Your Roofing System

A contractor from our company will visit your business or house to perform a professional evaluation. This inspection lets us calculate how much your project will cost, and whether you can get services under warranty.

3. No Obligation, Free Estimates

Our contractors will provide you with a free estimate so you can see how much your project is likely to cost. We break down our pricing, showing you the costs of labor and materials for full transparency. Then, you can make a decision about whether you want to go ahead with our services. We also offer financing to help you spread the cost of repairs or construction work.

4. Planning and Beginning Work

Once you approve the scope of work, we will begin planning and arranging the work. During this part of the process, we will keep you informed of preparations and progress. Once permits and materials are ready, our team of professionals will arrive on time and start the job process. Your roofer will work carefully and discreetly around you, minimizing disruption.

5. Clean Up

Following each day of roofing work completed, our contractors serving you will perform a full clean-up, leaving your house or business in the same condition as we found it, plus its shiny new roof. We can provide pictures and documentation of completed roof repairs where required.

6. Completion

Finally, we sign off on the work with you. Remember, we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Once our job is completed, that is when we will contact you for final payment of your roofing project.

Why Choose Our Roofing Contractors in Arleta CA?

There are so many reasons to choose us as your roofing contractors in Arleta CA. As a family-owned and run business, we bring a special touch to all our roofing services. Here are some of the reasons our clients love what we do.

Insured Roofers

Our roofers are insured, certified, and proud to serve you throughout the San Fernando Valley. Call us for residential and commercial roofing projects. We have references and reviews that will give you confidence in our team to perform excellent work on your roof.

Service Guarantee

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our work upon inspection, tell us, and we can fix the problem. When you choose our company, power is in your hands! You won’t have to make any payments on your roofing work until our end of it is completed.

A Family Touch

We’re committed to serving the local community and believe in helping homeowners get reliable roofs that serve them long-term. We are a family business and also treat our customers like family. We will take care of your property or home like it’s our own.

Training And Safety

We believe in offering safe and effective roofing services. That’s why we regularly train our staff to operate safely on the job. While learning through osmosis can work, we believe that deliberate education is more effective and has a longer lasting impact.

Quality Craftsmanship

Finally, we believe in meeting your roofing needs with exceptional craftsmanship. Choosing us as your contractor guarantees better service, whether you need us for commercial or residential roofing. Frequent staff training enables us to provide quality services to more clients in Los Angeles.

We Know the Area

As local roofers in California, we understand the types of roofing most suitable for the region. This ability gives us a distinct advantage over national contractors or those operating out of state. We guarantee that we only supply quality roofing solutions in Arleta.

How Can You Tell If You Need A Roofer?

Most of us expect our roofing system to effectively do its job. When someone tells us we need to fix or replace a roof, it can come as a surprise.

Here are some situations in which you might need to contact a roofing contractor:

  • You notice your roof is leaking
  • There is a musty, moldy, or damp smell in your attic
  • You can see your roof sagging or buckling
  • Water is pooling on your roof’s surface
  • You are using a roofing material that’s prone to damage, like wood or cal shake
  • Your previous contractor wasn’t trustworthy and didn’t do a good job
  • Your roof is old and no longer under warranty
  • You can see visible signs of damage on your roof, such as missing tiles or broken gutters
  • You are coming to the end of your warranty and want a roof inspection before the period is up
  • Your energy bills are higher than before
  • You can see signs of roof damage in your home, such as cracked pain or peeling wallpaper on the upper walls
  • You have gutter issues, including guttering that regularly clogs with debris and can’t drain the roof effectively

Roofs Types Installed By Local Roofing Contractors in Arleta CA

Shingle Roofs in Arleta

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing system in Arleta. They are known to last several decades (if well maintained) and are fairly affordable.

Roof Repair Specialist in Arleta is a Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning. We install these asphalt shingles with care and quality, and new roofing systems using their shingles come with warranties. Ask us about material warranties on your new roofing system during your free consultation!

Tile Roofing in Arleta

With us, you can get tile and terracotta roofs that beautifully complement the local area. This material can last more than fifty years and fits the region’s aesthetic, particularly for homeowners looking for a classic Tuscan or Southern European look.

We also offer more cost-effective clay and concrete tile roofing. Clay tiles are made from natural clay, fired in a kiln. The product’s color reflects the color of the clay itself, helping the roofing feel more local. By contrast, concrete tiles are made by mixing cement, sand, and water. Manufacturers then adapt them to mimic more natural clay, slate, or wood shake tiles.

Clay tiles are generally lighter than concrete tiles, making them the preferred roofing solution for households wanting to avoid performing additional structural work. However, they are more expensive.

Torch Down Roofing Arleta

We also install and repair torch-down roofing. This roofing type is ideal for commercial enterprises wanting to cover large areas cheaply and quickly. The bitumen-based material is cheap and easy to install, and can effectively waterproof your building for over a decade before needing replacement.

Ask us about warranty and we’ll let you know if your roofing system qualifies for such coverage during your inspection.

Single-Ply Roofing Contractors

Single-ply roofing is another option and the preferred roofing solution for many companies. These systems comprise a single roofing layer that offers a waterproof membrane using thermoplastic olefin (TPO) or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM).

These roofing solutions are lightweight, quick to install, and highly energy efficient. Our products are also resistant to UV, extending their lifespan, and various industrial chemicals.

While the initial cost might be higher, single-ply roofing can reduce the long-term cost of roofing in Los Angeles.

Self-Adhered Roofing

We also offer self-adhered membranes for low-slope and flat-roof applications. These membranes provide convenient waterproofing for existing roofs.

Clients love them because of how easy they are to install, reduced labor costs, and seam strength. Self-adhered roofing requires minimal maintenance while offering businesses exceptional weather resistance long-term.

Wood Shake and Cal Shake

Finally, we can repair wood and cal shakes. These materials are prone to damage and require extensive maintenance to keep them in good condition. If your existing wood or cal shakes are beyond economical repair, we can replace them with one of our preferred roofing materials.

Why We DON’T Recommend DIY Roof Repairs in Arleta, CA

While repairing your roof yourself or by calling a handyman might be tempting, we recommend against it. In our view, the risks outweigh the rewards.

The Risks Of Repairing A Roof Yourself

We field a team of expert roof repair contractors in Arleta. Our crew is certified, insured, and bonded, and have all the experience they need to work safely. By contrast, regular homeowners without the proper expertise could injure themselves. Additionally they don’t know the proper technique to installing a watertight roofing system.

Amateur roofing accidents are a common occurrence in Los Angeles. However, safety isn’t the only issue. Without proper knowledge of construction and how to repair your roof, you could also:

  • Make any existing damage worse
  • Suffer the ramifications of low-quality workmanship that damages your property’s curb appeal
  • Cause your roof to fail faster than anticipated
  • Increase your long-term costs
  • Fail various insurance inspections

Therefore, always ask yourself whether it is worth the risk to your health and property.

Extend the Life of Your Roof in Arleta, CA

Choose Us As Your Certified And Licensed Arleta CA Roofing Contractor

If you are looking for a roofing company offering impeccable service, our team can help. As a proud family company with HUNDREDS of positive reviews, we’re here to serve you. We’ve installed thousand of quality roofs across Los Angeles and are ready to help you with your roofing needs in Arleta!

For us, roofing service is about more than running a business. It’s about serving the community and protecting your property and family from the California climate. Clients love our service because of our consistent approach and friendly contractors who are passionate about what they do.

If you have a question about a project, get in touch! We can provide financing options, warranty, and proof of insurance.

Book roofing services with us today in Arleta CA!




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