Can You Repair Parts of a Damaged Roof?

If there’s one thing almost all homeowners worry about at one time or another, it’s the potential cost of replacing a roof.

If a hailstorm, high winds, or flying branches have battered your roof, there will be some damage. It makes sense to wonder whether a partial replacement is an option.

Here’s how any trustworthy roofing company in Altadena, CA, would answer that question.

When is Partial Repair an Option?

No reputable contractor doing roof repair in Altadena, CA, will recommend a partial replacement or an overlay (putting new shingles on top of old) to an extremely old roof. Both of these are potentially dangerous and harmful to your home.

However, people get roofers to replace a few shingles or rusted flashing all the time.

How bad must the damage be for a total replacement to be the right option? A few torn, curling, loose, or missing shingles aren’t a problem; they can easily be replaced. The color won’t match exactly, but that’s a minor issue.

However, it is advisable to book a professional inspection to determine whether the underlayment and decking are still sound and if there is no water damage.

Why a Partial Replacement Is Bad for Your Roof

If a significant portion of your roof is damaged, get a contractor who does roof repair in Altadena, CA, to do a full replacement.

If you only replace half of your roofing, the two parts are different ages, and you will need another partial replacement down the line – and another, and another.

Moreover, fixing half the roof creates a seam that may leak, resulting in water damage, mold, and rot inside your home. The older sections may also have hidden damage that will go undetected.

The Financial Implications of a Partial Roof Replacement

As you can see, it becomes easy to get locked in a cycle of partial replacements that add up in costs.

If you want to put your house on the market, a partial replacement can make selling it much more difficult, as it can lower your property value.

The 50-year pro-rated warranty shingle manufacturers offer will be voided by a partial replacement on both the new and old shingles.

Moreover, you’ll be hard pressed to find a top roofing company in Altadena, CA, that will perform a partial replacement. That means you’re more likely to end up with a poorly-installed roof.

Whether you get all or part of your roof replaced, you’ll still need to pay the company to bring technicians, tools, and materials. The cost per square foot is generally higher on a partial repair job.

Final Thoughts

In cases where only a small part of your roof is damaged – a few cracked shingles, say, or a bit of broken flashing – a minor repair job might be all you need.

However, if the damage requires significant structural repairs – even if it’s localized to one area of your roof – you should seriously consider replacing the whole rooftop.

Reach out to a top roofing company in Altadena, CA, whenever you need advice about repairs vs. replacement.