How To Choose The Best Shingle Color For Your New Roof

In many ways, the toughest roofing decision is behind you. You have already decided to re-roof your California dream home. Taking that big leap leaves you with many of little decisions to make, including the ideal shingle color. While color is a personal decision, many experts agree on several ideas about residential roofing.


GAF, one of North America’s largest shingle manufacturers, has detailed shingle color down to a near-exact science. Roof Repair Specialist works with GAF to provide beautiful roofs throughout Glendale, Pasadena, and surrounding areas.

GAF recommends:

  • Matching the roof color and shingle design to your house — Use GAF’s Style Guide to help
  • Considering curb appeal — Some colors are trendy and become outdated quickly; you see few bright red or blue roofs, so look for timeless neutrals which retain value
  • Asking around — Especially in developments, an HOA or similar board may actually dictate approved roofing colors so as not to disrupt the harmonious look of the neighborhood
  • Researching choices — Do not assume every roof has to be black, grey, or brown; find colors which appeal to you and connect to your home’s architectural style


CertainTeed is a reliable, long-time manufacturer of quality roofing materials including shingles. Their professional tip is to consider color, texture, and shingle style together to create a unique and attractive look to set your house apart without standing out as an eyesore.

CertainTeed offers online tools such as Color Coach™ to help you coordinate your shingle roof color with your home’s siding, trim color, and accents.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning, another partner with Roof Repair Specialist, rolls out its annual Shingle Color of the Year. Owens Corning also provides helpful color pairing suggestions so you can harmoniously match or complement your siding and trim with your roof color. Many homeowners throughout the Pasadena area prefer the lighter, ocean-inspired look, like Owens Corning’s Sand Dune.

Roof Repair Specialist is a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, which means we’re certified to install new roofs with Owens Corning Shingles accurately, and also provide a warranty. Ask your consultant about all the shingle colors and warranty options available during your appointment.


The final arbiter of good taste in a shingle color is you. What do you like? What reflects your personality? Choose a color you can live with for some 20 or 25 years since shingles today are economical, long-lasting roofing solutions.

Roof Repair Specialist in Los Angeles, CA can help guide you in making the right decision about shingle color. Contact us today so one of our helpful representatives can show you actual shingles from the leading manufacturers we partner with, discuss roofing specials, and help you pick the perfect color.