Five Signs of Rain Gutter Replacement

Rain gutters are among the things that you don’t notice when they’re working correctly. They do their job, and you go about your day without thinking about it. This is a good thing as long as they hold up–and they don’t always.

You might not know when to replace your gutters because the warning signs are subtle. Even in the mild southern California climate, your rain gutters must function properly to prevent significant damage to other parts of your home and property.

How Do You Know if Your Gutters Are Bad?

Sometimes you need a professional to look at the condition of your gutters to know for sure if you need rain gutter replacement. Much of the time, though, you can get a good idea yourself by spotting the major indications of bad gutters. These five signs will let you know when to replace your gutters.

1. Water Marks or Signs of Water Damage Near Gutters

If you look around your gutters, particularly just below them, and notice water stains or even signs of water damage, that’s a clear warning that the system isn’t functioning correctly. It’s an indication that you should have an expert take a look.

2. Cracks in the Rain Gutters

If you can see cracks on the outside of your rain gutters, they are likely close to the end of their lifespan. In fact, the damage could be even worse on the inside. Paint peeling away from the surface is also a sign of bad rain gutters.

3. Gutters Pulling Away From the Roof

This isn’t always a sign that you need rain gutter replacement, but it’s often a symptom of worn-out gutters. It could simply be an issue with the nails, and your gutters could be fine. But if they are pulling away from the roof, then there’s a good chance the system needs replacing.

4. Leaking Gutters

In California, rain gutters can be hard to monitor. You can look for other signs if you don’t see it leaking while it’s raining. There can be depressions, especially in a line along the ground below your gutters that drips have dug.

5. Rotten or Peeling Shingles Near the Gutters

Damage to your roof can often tell you when to replace gutters. If your rain gutters aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to water pooling, mildew growing, and other signs of deterioration. Your shingles will bear the brunt of the problem. They will start to break down, rot, and crack or peel away from the roof.

What Is the Most Common Problem With Rain Gutters?

The most common problem is clogged gutters. Gutters that stay clogged can deteriorate faster and lead to other problems. Water can sit against shingles and cause rot. The weight of debris and water in clogged gutters can pull them away from the roof. Having your gutters cleaned regularly helps alleviate this issue.

Water dripping from your roof and leaking gutters can damage the foundation, leak into the garage, or ruin landscaping. We all know how much it can cost to landscape a home in southern California, so you want to take care of your rain gutters.

How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced?

With regular cleaning and maintenance, your rain gutters can last over 20 years. Of course, their lifespan can get significantly shorter if they remain clogged for extended periods.

Should You Replace Gutters When Replacing Your Roof?

The lifespan of your rain gutters is similar to that of your roof. That means replacing your gutters when replacing your roof is a good idea. Also, it can be easier to do them both at the same time.

Contact Roof Repair Specialist for Rain Gutter Replacement

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