How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Let’s say your roof has problems, but you don’t have the skills or knowledge to identify what exactly is causing the issue. Unlike other housing related issues, roof DIY inspection and repair are tough and often dangerous to do yourself. Not all households have the necessary equipment, and not everyone can work with heights. So as much as you might want to fix roofing damages yourself, hiring a contractor is inevitable and a much safer option.

The question is, how do you make sure that the contractor you hire is a good one? You’re going to pay a lot of money, so you will expect fast and quality work in turn. In order to get that, you need to settle for the right contractor. Keep reading to see how you should choose the right roofing contractor for you.

Full Force Internet Search

It all starts with a simple Google search. It’s a good place to start, but don’t be deceived with the ads that pop up and the first few results that Google shows you. You should go even deeper and look at the websites of at least five to eight contractors before you make a decision on which roofer to hire.
The first factor that you should be looking for is experience. Read the About Us page and pay close attention to the contractor’s experience, training, and certification. There are a lot of standards and rules that roofing contractors should comply with, per state guidelines. If the contractor has relevant experience and certification, they will definitely have it highlighted on their website.

However, not all contractors have full and detailed descriptions on their websites — which is where reviews come in. Websites like Google, Yelp and Angi are great because customers go there to write their true experiences with the roofing company they’ve hired. It’s recommended not only to review the company’s website, but to also read different reviews of their work, because these will help you draw conclusions based on the others’ experiences.



More important than online reviews is a roofing company’s certification. Roofing contractors must have proper certification which proves that they have the skills and capacity to perform repairs in their state. Fixing a roof isn’t quite as quick or simple as fixing a kitchen appliance; a repair done incorrectly can result in dangerous consequences. So, make sure that your roofing contractor has the correct certification. You can check if they’re a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association or its sub body Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance.

In California, contracting licenses are publicly available to view on the CSLB Portal. You can go there and check any company to see if their license is active, or if they have a Bond and Workers’ Compensation. However, you wouldn’t be able to see if they have General Liability Insurance.

Watch this tutorial on how to verify your contractor’s license on the CSLB website:


Ask Them About Their Process

Different contractors have different working styles and processes. Some of them offer free inspections, some send one person, some don’t have 24/7 support. So, it’s important for you to understand your needs first and then choose your contractor. I recommend trusting contractors who offer free estimates and warranty.
Free estimates guarantee that there will be no last-minute surprises related to the price, and warranty is your safety net that if something goes wrong you don’t have to spend money again (at least for a while). If the company also works with contracts, then it’s definitely an additional bonus. Verbal warranty may still work, but having it written and signed makes it more formal and professional.

With these tips in mind, you can think and select a roofing company in Los Angeles critically and with the right tools at your disposal. If you’re looking for a roofer in Los Angeles that is licensed, insured, and delivers quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service, then contact Roof Repair Specialist for a free estimate today!