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The city of Downey, CA is home to the Columbia Memorial Space Center and the birthplace of the Apollo space program.

The city is also known for being the birthplace of the fast-food chain McDonald’s, as the first-ever McDonald’s restaurant was opened there in 1940.

Due to its rich heritage, this city has many old homes. While this is great for the city’s look and aesthetic, old roofs can come with a host of issues and incur damages that need to be fixed.

When it’s time for you to find a good roofer in Downey, make sure to call Roof Repair Specialist! For over a decade we have been providing quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service in your area.

We’re proudly serving Downey and have been helping residential and commercial clients get the roof of their dreams. We work efficiently, paying attention to the details and ensuring quality workmanship on every single job. We want to take care of your tenants and property, ensuring the roof keeps you safe for years to come.

It’s always better to get your roof leak or problem sorted sooner rather than later as the longer you leave it, the worse it can get, so it’s good to get in touch with a specialist roofing services company as soon as possible.

Stop living with a damaged roof and contact us today!

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Need a Professional Roofing Company in Downey, CA?

From new roofs to leak repairs, from installing new gutters to roof inspection reports, our roofers in Downey CA do it all for residential and commercial properties.

We’re licensed, insured, and have hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers to prove that we provide quality work on roofing projects in Downey and surrounding communities in Santa Fe Springs, Garden Grove, and Whittier.

We work with both residential and commercial clients, on flat roofs and sloped roofs, with no roof installation too big or too small. We install the best roofing material that will last for years.

But don’t just take our word for it, contact Downey’s top roofing company for a quote today. We would love to speak to you about your roof repairs and help get it sorted as soon as possible.

We proudly provide roofing services in Downey, Long Beach, Bell Gardens, Garden Grove, and nearby cities in Southern California.

Selecting the Right Roofing Companies in Downey CA

Roof Repair Specialist is a family-owned business serving Downey, and we want your family to be treated right. That’s why we promise to deliver quality roofing solutions with exceptional customer service.

Our Guarantee

Our professional Downey roofing company guarantees that no payment is necessary until your project is complete. We will also always charge a fair price for the job with no hidden surprises. The last thing you want is a heft shock bill at the end, so we will keep you updated every step of the way if anything is going to cost extra.

Locally Owned

Being a family run business is highly important to us. Not only does it mean we have a wealth of experience in the field, but we are genuinely passionate about what we do. Our flair for roofing repairs and the industry as a whole is evident in the high quality work that we do and we promise to do an outstanding job every time.

Progress Updates

We provide detailed estimates of the work to be completed, and photos during and after project completion. We want you to see the difference we’ve made – many customers are shocked at what a fantastic difference the before and after of their roofing projects are. We will ensure you are not only kept in the know but can appreciate what’s being done to your property.


We will explain every step of the project that will be taking place on your roof. We want you to feel in the know and be aware of what is happening with the project. Communication is key for our Downey roofers, and we’ll get back to your questions as soon as we are able. We want you to be comfortable with the work before we even get started.

Fair Estimates

We believe in fair pricing. We know that having to replace roofing can be a stress both mentally and for your finances. This is why we offer affordable prices but with quality work, proving you really can have both. If you still need assistance with paying for your roof replacement, we also offer financing options that can help. Call us today to learn more.

Quality Control

We send supervisors to inspect the roof replacement project, ensuring safety and a quality installation. This ensures every job is completed to the highest standard of satisfaction and quality. With our attention to detail, your roof will last for years, and this will give you peace of mind that the job has been done the best it possibly can be.

Health and Safety

We train our roofing technicians in expert roof installation and safety. Health and safety is our number one priority here at Roof Repair Specialist and we ensure all of our roofing technicians are fully trained and qualified to adhere to the highest of standards. We don’t want anyone in our team or in your home to be in any danger during the roofing project.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for expert roof replacement in Downey!

Residential Roof Replacement

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Our Roof Repair Services in Downey

Unfortunately, no matter how much you take care of a roof, the weather and general time can cause it to deteriorate or problems to occur.

There are a few different things that can go wrong and the sooner you find the route cause, the sooner it can get sorted out.

Here we take a look at some common roof repairs, from a flat roof leak to solar panels needing installing or rain gutters breaking.

Roof Repair Downey, CA

Damaged shingle roofs

One of the main causes of damaged shingle roofs is the weather. Harsh winds and rain can cause holes to form, and parts of the shingle roof to break away.

When roof shingles fly away, generally we need to install new composition asphalt shingles instead of reusing the old material.

We can work on these roof installations to replace these asphalt shingles and have your missing shingles taken care of so you have a perfect roof once again.

With great service and a reasonable project cost, it prevents the issue from becoming worse and gives you complete peace of mind.

Other roofing companies may try to upsell a whole roof replacement, but we will not oversell re roofing services in Downey if you don’t need it.

Punctures or perforations to a flat roof

Expert Gutter Installation

Your rain gutters have the important job of channeling water from the foundations of your home and if they become blocked, water can seep into your walls and cause significant amounts of damage.

Not only can damaged gutters (or a lack of gutters altogether) ruin your interior, but can be a health hazard should mold start to form.

If you live surrounded by trees, or if the weather in the surrounding area has recently been bad, you’re more at risk for debris clogging up your rain gutters.

Luckily, our Downey roofing company can help. We install new gutters with a variety of color and material options for you to choose from, ensuring your roofing system lasts longer and protects your family.

Simply make an appointment and we can come and check your current rain gutters, removing any dirt and debris causing the blockage, and install new gutters to have them draining your water in no time.

Storm damage

Your roof might be absolutely fine, then a storm hits and leaves chaos in its wake. Storm damage can get worse if left over time, particularly if the weather continues to not be very nice.

Although Southern California isn’t known for harsh winters, we have seen a lot of rain in recent years, which have brought much damage to roofs all over Downey, CA.

Heavy rain can put immense pressure on your roofing, while strong winds can also give a battering and even knock tiles down leaving you open to leaks.

If storms have caused you roof damage in Downey, call trusted roofing companies like Roof Repair Specialist to repair the damages today! We have the accurate knowledge to replace and repair the damaged area efficiently.

Lack of Roof Maintenance

Your Downey roof might be older than you think. If this hasn’t been properly maintained over the years, or if an issue hasn’t been fixed as soon as possible, it can lead to larger problems.

Preventative maintenance is always a fantastic way to keep your home in the best condition. Just like you take your car in for routine maintenance, or you go to the doctor for a routine checkup, your roof also need routine maintenance in Downey to ensure it lasts for a long time.

It’s important to speak to the experts at Roof Repair Specialist who can provide this precision roofing service. Our Downey roofing crew works with the utmost professionalism and great communication to check up on your roof and seal any openings that may have occurred over the years.

We offer a free inspections to see if there are any snags that might turn to issues later down the line and see if we can repair them before you have to get a whole new roof.

Extend The Life of Your Roof in Downey, CA

Our Downey Roofing Process

If you suspect that your roof is in need of a professional repair or replacement, here are the steps we will take to complete your re roof or repair project.

1. Contact our Downey Roofers

Get in touch with us for trustworthy roofing services company in Downey, CA for free inspections. Make sure to contact a roofer at the first sight of any roofing issues. We’re experienced in re roofing services and roof repair in Downey.

2. Roof Inspection

We will come and do a free roof inspection, seeing what needs to be done. We will take a look and whether you need a new roof replacement, how your gutters are or if there are some repairs that need doing and compile our recommendations.

3. Free Estimate

Our expert Downey roofing company will provide you with a no obligation quote, letting you know what needs to be done and how we can get your roof back to the top standard. This is the best time to ask questions to our roofers to ensure you feel comfortable and ready to start the work.

4. Work Begins

We will schedule our team of professional roofers to come out and start the project at a time that is convenient to you. We will ensure we make as little mess as we can, keeping you informed every step of the way and ensuring you know exactly what is going on.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will aim to get the work done in a professional manner as quickly as possible, while still adhering to the highest quality standards. It’s this professionalism from our local roofing company that makes us so highly sought after.

6. Completion

We will ensure you are happy with the work done and will tell you exactly what it is we had to do to your roof. We are just a short phone call away should you ever need any advice about your roof, if you need any other roofing services or if you require a roofing contractor in Downey.

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Best Roofers in Downey

When it comes to roofing issues, you want to make sure you hire the best roofer in Downey to resolve them. That’s where we come in. Unlike other roofing companies, we are trusted by thousands of happy customers who left us raving reviews.

We’re proudly serving Downey, Santa Fe Springs CA, Long Beach, and Los Angeles CA.

Whether you need residential or commercial roofing, Roof Repair Specialist is your go-to Downey roofing contractors. Our team of expert roofing contractors is trained in installing various roofing materials, from shingles to clay tiles to commercial roofing systems.

We have been in the industry for a long time now and each of our team members is highly experienced and passionate about roofing. Call the #1 Downey roofers today to get started!




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