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Alhambra is known for hot summers, like most of the greater Southern California area. The heat can bring damage to a roof that will require roof repairs and maintenance to ensure that it protects your family for years.

At Alhambra Roof Repair Specialist, we firmly believe that a roof that protects 99% of your home isn’t good enough. When you choose our services, you can trust that we will deliver a high-quality job every time and give your home the quality roof with water and weatherproofing.

As the premier roofing company in Alhambra and the surrounding area of Los Angeles, our roofing services are designed to be durable and tailored to your specific needs within a reasonable price. Whether you need small repairs, a whole new roof, or routine maintenance, we handle every project with care and quality materials.

We are locally owned, licensed and insured. Contact Roof Repair Specialist, the best roofing company in Alhambra, for a free quote.

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What Makes Us the Top Roofing Contractors in Alhambra, CA?

We take pride in setting ourselves apart from the competition in the greater Los Angeles area. Here’s what distinguishes Roof Repair Specialist from other roofers in Alhambra CA:

Accurate Estimates

We never burden you with hidden costs. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of expenses, ensuring full transparency. And if a change order is needed, we will let you know before moving forward with those changes.

Prompt Service

Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete roof replacement, we prioritize your project as soon as you reach out to us. We arrive on-time and completing each project within a reasonable timeframe, without compromising on quality or roofing material used.

Family-Owned Company

We value family values, and many of our staff are part of our extended family. We trust our loved ones to deliver the top-quality work our customers expect, fostering a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere within our locally owned roofing company.

Friendly and Fair

When you contact us, you’ll experience professionalism and friendly customer service from every member of our team. We put our customers first, guiding you through every step of the roofing process to ensure you’re well-prepared before the work begins.

Superior Quality

The proof of our expertise lies in the final product. As the leading roofing company in Alhambra, we offer exceptional workmanship. Our contractors are the best roofers, they are trained to the highest standards, and we utilize the finest roofing materials.

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When you choose us, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finished roof.

Our Roofing Services in Alhambra, CA

With over a decade of experience as local roofers serving homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles CA, we specialize in a wide range of roofing services. We only provide services where we can ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Discover our residential and commercial roofing specialties below and schedule an appointment today!

Roof Replacement

A complete new roof replacement requires careful planning. When you contact us, you will have a dedicated project manager that will serve as your primary point of contact, ensuring seamless communication from planning to project completion.

When you hire us for your roof installation project, we assist you in choosing the best roofing materials, offer financing options, and provide an accurate timeline for installation. As the leading roofing specialists in Alhambra, we prioritize workmanship, customer service, and timely project completion. We’ll update your curb appeal and give you a great looking new roof.

0If you have pre-existing solar panels or if you want solar panel installation after your re roofing project is completed, we will also work with your solar panels contractor on the timeline and details of the project.

Call us now to begin your new roof installation.

Roof Repair

While minor roof repairs may seem like a DIY task, it’s best not to take any chances. A quick patch job may temporarily solve the problem, it fails to address the underlying cause and leaves room for potential issues to resurface. That’s why it’s important to trust professional, roofing companies and contractors like us for your roof repair needs in Alhambra.

When you book a roof leak repair service with our expert team, we go beyond just fixing the problem. We’ll get your roof inspected and ensure that the repaired section of your roof surpasses the durability of the surrounding areas. Whether it’s damaged flashing or vulnerable corners, we provide comprehensive solutions that address the root cause of the issue, offering long-lasting protection for your home.

Don’t compromise the integrity of your roof with makeshift roof leak repairs. Contact us now to schedule a visit from our skilled and incredibly professional crew.

Gutter Installation

We understand the importance of rain gutters in protecting your Alhambra home or business. Leaky gutters can be a constant source of frustration. That’s why we provide professional gutter installation services throughout the city of Alhambra.

Upgrade your gutters and enhance the overall protection and aesthetics of your property. As part of our service, we also offer gutter cleaning to ensure your system remains clear and functional. With a range of options available, we can help you find the perfect gutter solution that not only provides effective drainage but also complements the visual appeal of your Alhambra property.

Roof Maxx

Asphalt shingles remain a popular roofing material, but their durability has decreased over time due to changes in their composition. Modern shingles contain less asphalt, making them more susceptible to the elements. To counter this, Roof Maxx, an innovative product, has emerged as a solution.

As a licensed Roof Maxx Dealer, we offer a premium all-natural product that rejuvenates your shingles. Roof Maxx coating restores the shingles’ weather-resistant properties, extending their lifespan by up to 5 years per coating. By improving their performance, we help keep you and your family safe while maximizing the value of your roof and prolong roof replacements. Let us treat your roof with Roof Maxx today – call us to get started.

Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your roofing system. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans for commercial and residential clients in Alhambra.

By regularly inspecting and maintaining your sloped or flat roof, we can identify and address minor issues before they become major problems. Our maintenance plans save you money in the long run, as timely interventions prevent costly repairs down the line.

Experience the benefits of our maintenance services – contact our roof inspectors today to get started.

Roof Coating

Protecting your roof from the harsh Alhambra sun is crucial in ensuring its longevity. Our roofing team offers affordable roof coating options, including acrylic, elastomeric, and premium silicone coatings. These coatings extend your roof’s lifespan, providing resistance against inclement weather conditions and preventing premature aging caused by UV exposure.

Given Alhambra’s abundance of sunlight, roof coatings are an excellent investment to mitigate roofing damage and maximize the value of your roof. Call us today for free estimates and expert advice on the right coating for your specific needs.

Inspection Reports in Alhambra, CA

Whether you’re purchasing a new home or seeking insurance coverage for your property, a comprehensive roof inspection by a roofer is essential. Our roofing contractors in Alhambra provide thorough inspections to satisfy insurers and ensure your roof is in optimal condition.

Our inspection reports cover the age and condition of materials, maintenance history, and recommendations for any necessary repairs or additional work. With accurate estimates provided for repairs, you can make informed decisions about maintaining and protecting your investment.

Types of Roofs We Service

Our roofing contractors have extensive experience working with various types of roofs. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results means that we only offer services that we can confidently stand behind.

Shingle Roofs

New shingles are a popular and cost-effective choice for many homeowners. Our Alhambra roofing company recommends asphalt shingles for their affordability, aesthetic appeal, and durability, especially when paired with the Roof Maxx treatment. With our comprehensive roofing services, we provide transparent cost breakdowns and effective communication throughout your remodeling project. We’ll ensure everything is done in a timely fashion.

Torch Down Roofing

If you have a flat roof on your commercial properties or home extensions, torch-down roofing, also known as modified bitumen, offers versatility and affordability. This type of roofing system performs well under direct sunlight, making it a suitable choice for Alhambra’s climate. Our experienced Alhambra roofers excel in installing torch-down roofs, ensuring a clean and professional job every time. Schedule service with us today to experience the benefits of this roofing solution.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs, available in clay, concrete, and other materials, offer a unique and durable option for properties in Alhambra, Rosemead, and surrounding areas. With their distinctive appearance and exceptional durability, tile roofs can enhance the aesthetics and value of your home. However, working with tile requires expertise, and our highly trained team is fully licensed to install tile roofing at a competitive price. Contact us now for a free quote and discover the advantages of a tile roof.

Single-Ply Roofs

For large-scale projects that require quick installation and cost-effective solutions, we specialize in TPO and PVC single-ply roofing systems. These materials offer ease of installation and maintenance without compromising quality. TPO in particular is an excellent choice for commercial buildings in Alhambra, CA. By choosing us as your roofer, you’ll receive responsive service and a roof completed efficiently and within budget. We’ll give your business free estimates to ensure you get exactly what you need for your property.

Self-Adhered Membranes

We install self-adhered granulated cap sheet roofing membranes for residential and commercial properties, which provide excellent waterproofing for commercial premises. Though Alhambra benefits from a sunny climate, effective waterproofing remains essential to protect your property. Contact us now to learn more about our self-adhered roofing membrane services. Get in touch today to discuss your commercial roofing needs.

Cal Shake

If you have a Cal Shake roof that needs repair in Alhambra, our company can help. While our roofers don’t offer installation services for Cal Shake products, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle repairs. Whether you’ve noticed a leak or other damages, we’re here to address your roofing concerns. We can also provide free estimates for alternative replacements, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Reach out to our company today for prompt and reliable service.

Residential Roofing Services in Alhambra, CA

Our Process for Providing Quality Roofing Services

When you choose Roof Repair Specialist, you can expect a seamless and customer-centric process. We prioritize open communication and excellent service throughout every step. Our goal is to do an outstanding job for every project we take on.

Free Estimate

We will send our qualified roof inspectors to check out the problem area. Once we have assessed your roofing needs, we will provide you with a free estimate. Our estimates are transparent, outlining all the costs associated with your entire project. We give a fair price, without any hidden fees or surprises. Rest assured that our quotes accurately reflect the work and materials required for your roofing project.

Material Selection & Project Scheduling

Before any roofing work begins, our top roofers assist you in selecting the best roofing materials for your roof based on your preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your property. Once you have made your decision, we will order your roofing materials and then schedule your roof installation project at a time that is convenient for you.

Work Begins

Our roofers will ensure that you are well-prepared for the project. We will communicate any necessary preparations, such as moving satellite dishes or vehicles for the roof installation, to ensure a smooth process. Throughout the project, our skilled contractors will work diligently to complete the job with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


After completing the roofing work, we do an excellent job of cleaning after ourselves. We understand the importance of leaving your property in pristine condition. Our company will remove any debris or materials from the project, ensuring that your premises are clean and safe.

100% Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will consult with you to ensure that all aspects of the job meet or exceed your expectations. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to leave a review and share your experience with others.

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The team at Roof Repair Specialist is dedicated to meeting all your roofing needs throughout Los Angeles CA. We take pride in providing top-quality roofing solutions for homeowners and businesses in Alhambra and believe we are the best roofing company to satisfy your needs. Our friendly and professional crew is ready to assist you and deliver exceptional results.

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