Roofing Contractor in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known for its balmy summers, cool winters, and beautiful beaches. Visitors and locals in Santa Monica can enjoy the Santa Monica beaches and the prolific Santa Monica Pier.

But the beautiful weather can sometimes take its toll on Santa Monica roofs, requiring costly roof repairs and replacement.

Fortunately, Roof Repair Specialist, your trusted roofing company in Santa Monica, is on hand for all the repairs Santa Monica can offer with a team of qualified roofers in CA.

We provide a range of roofing services, from roof repair services to full replacements, from gutter services to coatings. We also provide Roof Maxx treatment for asphalt shingle roofs, which is a great way to bring back their flexibility and moisture to prolong the lifespan of shingles.

We proudly serve Santa Monica and the surrounding area in Los Angeles. Stop living with a damaged roof and contact us today!

Stop living with a damaged roof and contact us today!

Why Do I Need Professional Roofing Contractors From Santa Monica CA?

It’s essential to hire qualified Santa Monica roofers for your roof repairs. Unqualified or DIY roof repair might seem like a cheap alternative, but they can ultimately cause damage to your home. Over time, poor roof repairs can lead to dampness, mold, or dangerous substances entering your property or business and causing health concerns. Items as simple as missing shingles can lead to a leaky roof and other major problems.

Poorly laid roofs can also cost more money in the long run due to costly repairs and additional roof replacement costs when you hire professionals to fix the damage caused. Substandard roofing material and construction can lead to additional costs to run your home. In contrast, Santa Monica roofing professionals can install energy-efficient roofing materials to save the costs of running your property.

With the support of roofing services in Santa Monica CA, you can also arrange for a roof inspection to ensure your roof is safe and undamaged. With a qualified roofing contractor assessing your property, you can conduct roof maintenance and roof repair that will cost a fraction of the cost of a total roof installation.

Contact us for roofing in Santa Monica, we’ll assess your needs and give you a customized, free estimate!

What Properties Do We Service In Santa Monica CA?

At Roof Repair Specialist in Santa Monica CA, we can repair both commercial roofing and residential roofing. We assess and repair the affected area, including adjacent roofing materials like asphalt shingles or flashing.

Are you undertaking a larger-scale roofing project in Santa Monica? Or do you need to repair a small area that has seen storm damage? When you choose our top roofing contractors, you can still enjoy quality new roof installation at an affordable price.

Our roofer will be proud to do an outstanding job on your property. We service local roofs from Santa Monica to Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles area, with a reputation that has grown over decades with positive reviews year on year.

Just a few of the roofs and services we provide in Santa Monica include:

Flat Roofs

We are experts at different flat roofing systems, from torch down to TPO roofing. We can repair the tile around your roof perimeter, install drains and gutters, or replace or install scuppers on flat roofs. As flat roofs are more exposed to the sun, they can be more prone to damage. Our highly trained professional roofers can work on your flat roof in Santa Monica to give you a great leak-free roofing system that will last for years to come. Connect with us for roof repair or new roof installation on your flat roof.

Tile Roofs

Has storm damage brought up major roofing issues on your tile roof? We can repair or install a new roof for a wide range of tile roofs, including clay, concrete, terracotta or Spanish roofs. Whether you need one tile replaced or an entire re-roofing job, our team is on hand for roof maintenance in Los Angeles County and our local Santa Monica areas. Call today for free estimates on tile roof repair or replacement.

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are a very popular option, and we only work with the best quality shingles. We’ll show you a variety of colors to choose from to match your aesthetic. We’ll even work with your solar company! Our services cover installing your roofing systems and flashing and ensuring the roofing systems are watertight before solar panels are installed.

Roof Coating

Roof coating is not a magic cure-all for all your roofing needs. Unlike some roofing companies, Roofing Repair Specialist is honest about coating and its longevity. A roof coating can play a significant role in extending the life of your roof rather than needing a whole new roof installation. Choose from silicone or acrylic coating to extend the life of your roof. Ask us about preventative maintenance options for your Santa Monica commercial roof!

Expert Gutter Installation

We don’t just do small roof repairs in Santa Monica. We also provide support for your entire roofing system with professional rain gutters and downspout installation. With gutter installation in your Santa Monica home or business, you can avoid the fear of leaks from your gutters with our leak detection and gutter installation services. Quality roofs are incomplete without a proper gutter system, so get your rain gutters installed by our Santa Monica roofers!

Quality Inspection, Roof Certification

When your realtor or insurance company asks you for a roof inspection report in Santa Monica, make sure to call roofing professionals to help you out.

When you contact our roofing pros for inspection reports, we come out and assess your roof’s condition, and give you a formal report of our findings which can be submitted to your insurance company.

Call our experienced roofers to find roof issues and provide professional roof certification in Santa Monica!

Choose the Best Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors

We are a locally-owned, fully licensed business with a wealth of qualified and specialized Santa Monica roofers. Our whole team has decades of background experience in the field, and we are proud to have served Santa Monica and the entire Los Angeles area for decades as licensed roofers.

Whether you need a roofer to put some new shingles or a full roof replacement, we are confident that we will do an amazing job on your roof. Our roofers in Santa Monica are committed to customer satisfaction at every step of the process, from roof inspection to getting your roof replaced.

We offer a free estimate on all your roofing projects, whether offering a local business free estimates on roofing work or serving our residential clients. We have decades of history proudly serving Santa Monica and Southern California with quality services from a professional roofer.

How Does Roof Replacement In Santa Monica Work?

Consultation With The Best Roofer Santa Monica Can Offer

From the moment you contact us, we will dispatch a qualified roofing contractor in Santa Monica to inspect your residential roofing or commercial roofing, and any peripheral roofing materials. Our team will then offer you one of our free estimates. We stand by our roof work and are confident you will be impressed with our reasonable price and experienced roofing contractor.

Your Roofing Work In Santa Monica Is Scheduled

Our Santa Monica roofing team will then work with you to schedule your roof project. We will work around you, your working hours and deadlines as much as possible to ensure your new roof is energy efficient. If we are undertaking an entire roof replacing, we will be clear on this from the start and ensure you are aware of any additional work that needs to happen before we start.

Roof Replacement or Repair Begins

Once your roof work in Santa Monica is scheduled and the roof construction date arrives, we will start to work on your property. We ensure that our roofing contractor maintains the watertight nature of your property throughout the project in Santa Monica and Los Angeles County. We will update you on the progress we make every day until the project is completed in a timely manner while maintaining quality.

Roof Quality Assessment

As a locally owned and operated roofing company serving the greater Los Angeles area, we want to ensure that our customers are offered the best possible service. Unlike other Santa Monica roofing companies, we do thorough quality checks for all our roof replacements and services. Whether it’s as minor as replacing asphalt shingles or a large commercial roofing project, our teams will thoroughly quality-check the entire project in Santa Monica, CA.

Satisfied Customers

In Santa Monica, CA, we ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their roofing contractor and renovations. We use only the best materials and get your roof completed as quick as we can. As local roofers, we place our customers at the heart of our work as a Santa Monica roofing company, so we will only consider a roof construction job complete in Santa Monica once we have a final sign-off from the customer. Customer satisfaction is our priority as contractors.

Roofing Invoice and Pictures

The final part of the project in Santa Monica is when your roofing contractor concludes the project with photos and sends you the invoice. We only proceed with this step once our Santa Monica customers are fully satisfied with the project. Our business has grown by repeatedly completing quality work in the Los Angeles area, and our customer is prioritized in all aspects of Santa Monica roofing.

Residential Roofing Services in Santa Monica, CA

Our Santa Monica roofing contractors service residential clients with roof installation, quality roof inspections, repairs, and more.

When you contact us, one of our knowledgeable technician will visit your home and provide a free estimate and transparent project cost on our services.

Our residential roofing services are trusted by thousands of homeowners in Santa Monica, and we have hundreds of reviews by happy customers who recommend our services. Whether it’s a new installation or simple repairs, connect with our roofing pros for your roofing needs, and we’ll address the task with quality workmanship and skilled craftsmanship.

Things To Do After You Place A Call For Our Roofing Services In Santa Monica

If you suspect you have roof damage and decide to work with us as your roofing company in Santa Monica, CA, you might want to consider taking the following safety steps:

Suspected Leak

If you have a leak, remove all personal items from the affected area and place towels on damp window sills. Place buckets in your attic or under leaks in the ceiling. If water comes through a light fixture, ensure the electricity is turned off. Now wait for your roofing contractor.


If you can get safely access and get onto your roof, grab any debris and clear it to avoid further damage. Only do this if you can do so safely; if not, await your roofing company and their professional roofing contractor to get on the roof and clear the mess out of the way.


If you can, take photos of the damage to show your Santa Monica roofing company or roofing contractor in Los Angeles. This will help them during the initial inspection phases so that our Santa Monica professional roofers can find the source of the leak in order to fix it.

Commercial Roofing Companies in Santa Monica, CA

Roof Repair Specialist in Santa Monica has extensive knowledge of commercial roofing materials and will complete your project on time and within budget.

We know how important it is to keep tenants happy. That’s why we do our best to be minimally disruptive and completely respectful of your property during construction.

We can install a new roof, handle repairs, and we also have roof restoration options like silicone coating that will extend the lifespan of your flat commercial roof.

Not sure what you need just yet? We do free roof inspections and can tell you our recommendations so you can make the right choice as a business owner.

For expert commercial roofing services, call our licensed roofing contractor today!

Extend The Life of Your Roof in Santa Monica, CA

Your Top Roofing Company Santa Monica, CA

When you partner with us for Santa Monica roofing services, we are confident that we will be able to fix damage to your roof, install new roofing, and deliver it to an exceptional standard. We have a high reputation in Santa Monica and across Los Angeles. We’re true professionals with a reputation of skilled craftsmanship and excellent workmanship. We’re a family owned and operated company that puts the customer first and brings our close-knit family culture with us on the field.

Contact us today for a quality roofer from a premier Santa Monica roofing company. We have a quality roofing contractor ready to protect your property today. We proudly serve Santa Monica and the surrounding area.




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