Roofing Contractor in San Fernando, CA

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, San Fernando is a unique place rich in history and culture. If you happen to live in the San Fernando Valley, regardless of whether this is in Van Nuys, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Burbank, or even Sherman Oaks, your property may have some of its original clay roofing. At Roof Repair Specialist, we are a local roofing company specializing in all your roofing needs in California.

San Fernando is home to a diverse population, and its unique environment attracted many A-listers to horse breeding during the 1940s and 50s. You can still find many commercial properties and projects that date back to the first half of the 20th century, during the expansion and development of the San Fernando Valley.

Historic buildings are still around and still require specialist roof repairs and roof replacement works, such as the 1936 post office in Van Nuys, many 1920s Mission-type revival mansions around Sherman Oaks, Old Town Calabasas in the Woodland Hills, etc. These are a testament to how far the San Fernando Valley reaches and to the efforts to expand San Fernando CA. As experts in the roofing industry, we are familiar with historic roofing materials and roofing systems.

This is where the celebs Horse Ranches started to appear, including Roy Rodgers in Chatsworth, Mae West in the North Hills; Lucille Ball also lived nearby Chatsworth, not far from Frank Sinatra, who was also a Chatsworth resident. There is a sense of old Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley, which means grandiose residential homes spreading out through some of the most upper-class neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The roofing needs vary greatly across the San Fernando Valley. The Old Hollywood from the 1940s and 1950s preferred areas such as Van Nuys, Northridge, and Woodland Hills, which is where our highly skilled contractors tend to work on full roof replacement jobs. People such as Marilyn Monroe attended school in Northridge, and our contractors are frequently called on-site for commercial roofing services in Northridge public and business properties.

Regardless of whether you are in San Fernando CA, or in the surrounding San Fernando Valley, including Burbank, Northridge, Granada Hills, and further to Woodlands Hills and Calabasas in California, we, at Roof Repair Specialist, are here to provide you with the quality roofing services you need, regardless of the age of your property and its roof type.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our crew for more residential and commercial roofing projects. We have made it our mission to become San Fernando Valley’s Number One Yelp roofing contractor.

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San Fernando Roofing Company Services At a Glance

We get it; it can be tricky to figure out exactly which roof service you need. As professional roofers, we provide a range of quality services suited for either a business or a residential roofing project.

We also work closely with the construction sector for all roofing jobs, including replacing, installing, or remodeling roofs.

Professional Roofing Contractors in the San Fernando Valley

We are proud to be one of the favorite roofing companies on Yelp in the San Fernando Valley. Being Los Angeles-based, we bring our local knowledge and long experience in the roofing industry to our customers.

Whether residential or business property, we are confident our team of expert roofers will meet your expectations.

Are you looking for a fully licensed and insured roofing company that can help repair and look after your roof in San Fernando, California? Get in touch with Roof Repair Specialist, one of the companies in California with the best roofing results and reviews on Google and Yelp. We are here to get the job done and bring your roofing project to life.

Which Roofs Does Our Company Service in San Fernando?

The diversity of the San Fernando Valley means that there is a huge variety of roof types, whether you are considering historic business and residential roofs, modern residential and commercial roofing, and anything in between.

We are also familiar with different roofs, such as clay roofing in San Fernando vs. asphalt shingles in Burbank and Northridge areas.

In other words, you can rest assured that our company is your go-to contact for quality work roofing across the San Fernando Valley. Our team can service different roofing materials:

Asphalt Shingles

Tile Roofing

Torch Down Roofing

Single Ply Roof

Wood Shake & Cal Shake

Self-Adhered Roofing Membranes

We invite you to reach out to our team so you can discuss your needs and understand what to expect from our contract roofing services. As Southern California’s number one roofer, we make it our mission to help you understand the best options for your repairing old or damaged roof or installing a brand new roof on your property. We will be happy to arrange for an appointment and evaluate your roofing needs in depth.

We believe quality roofing begins with clear expectations, which is why we approach any roof project with the same level of care and professionalism. If we recommend one specific roofing solution over another, we will always explain the different benefits of each roofing strategy and provide you with free estimates before we get started on the job. We can guarantee you always get the best service value for the job.


Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials around residential LA areas. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the hot California sun can make shingles brittle and more at risk of damage. This could lead to roof leak issues or needing the roof replaced earlier than expected.

We repair and replace shingle roofs in San Fernando with quality Owens Corning materials. As a Platinum Preferred contractor with OC, we offer quality installation services of this amazing product.

We can also help prolong the life of your shingle roof with specialist Roof Maxx treatment for long-term results.

Tile roofs

Torch-Down Roofs

Typically, you would see torch-down roofing for residential extensions or even business properties. Torch down is an excellent and affordable choice for these types of flat roofs in San Fernando.

Our roofers provide a fully bonded roofing solution suitable for both new builds and remodeling projects.

Single-Ply Roofing

Self-Adhered Roofing Membranes

One of the best flat or commercial roofing solutions against water leak risks, self-adhered roof membranes for flat roofs are fully bonded bitumen membranes designed to sustain extreme weather conditions.

Repair Only: Wood & Cal Shakes

What to Expect From Our California Professional Crew

Our business makes a quality promise to all San Fernando CA customers: Fully insured workmanship delivered by experienced and licensed roofers who work until you are fully satisfied. We are also proud to say that we are a Platinum Preferred roofing service provider in California, offering quality roofing materials and roofing services with no hidden fees.

When you hire Roof Repair Specialist, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from a roof service that is meant to last. Our services come with a full warranty of quality, which means that the parts we repair are likely to outlast the whole roof! Similarly, you can rely on our installation warranties to take off the hassle of new roofing.

We invite you to reach out to our team to find out more about our roof warranty, accreditations, and the respectful approach of our fully licensed roofers. Alternatively, you can also find out more about us by reading our positive reviews on Google and Yelp.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services in San Fernando, CA

We provide a full range of roofing services for both residential and commercial roofs. We also frequently contribute to construction contract works for both roofing installation and remodeling purposes.

Roof Replacement San Fernando

How do you know if you need a new roof? Our company offers a free evaluation service before your roof project. You can make an appointment with one of our roofers, during which our expert reviews the condition of your roof and provides the best solutions for your specific needs.

We are committed to working with you from start to finish, ensuring high quality craftsmanship with the best materials for your property.

Call us now to discuss full roof replacement in San Fernando.

Roof Repair San Fernando CA

Water leaks and other visible damage may not need a full roof replacement. More often than not, quality repairs by a professional roofer can go a long way in preserving your roof integrity.

This can also be useful for leaks around the vents or your skylight window, for example.

Get in touch to arrange an appointment now.

Gutter Installation & Replacement

Do you need a new gutter solution? Our roofing contractors can also provide gutter installation services to upgrade your roofing system and protect your home from rain.

Gutter installation can be a single service or be part of a full roof replacement project. We will provide color and design samples to you before installation so you can pick the best option for your property to give you the design you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more about our gutter services in San Fernando.

Residential Asphalt Shingles Protection

Asphalt shingles are likely to degrade rapidly without specialized treatment. We are a 5 Star Roof Maxx coating dealer, offering a protective service that can prolong the life of your shingle roof by up to 5 years.

Reach out now to ask for free estimates on our Roof Maxx coating service.

Roofing Maintenance Service

We believe quality roofing workmanship begins with active maintenance, which allows us to address problems early and save you repair and installation costs in the long term.

As per our customers’ Yelp reviews, you’ll find this service available to both businesses and homeowners. Our expert roofers provide roof maintenance checkups to seal any cracks or openings on the roof and locate problems early.

Professional Roof Inspection for Commercial & Residential Needs

Whether you are buying or insuring properties, you can task an expert roofer with a full roof inspection. This will be completed with a full report of the roof condition, including the costs of all required repair works.

Commercial Flat Roof Service

Flat roofs are a favorite choice for commercial roofing services. When you reach out Roof Repair Specialist to work on your business or HOA building, we can accompany you every step of the way, including flat roof installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Our dedicated team has the background knowledge and skill to providing exceptional service on your commercial building.

Why We Don’t Recommend DIY Roofing in San Fernando

As tempting as it is to save money with a DIY repair or renovation project, we strongly advise against it.

The Risks of A DIY Roof Repair Job

Roofing contractors are fully trained and equipped to work safely on your roof. This is designed not only to guarantee quality workmanship but also to reduce the risk of accidents, from falls and injuries to breaking tiles.

Additionally, without knowledge of the roofing systems in San Fernando Valley, you could potentially:

  • Increase repairs and maintenance costs
  • Make the damaged roof worse
  • Fail certified roof inspections in the future
  • Increase roof leak risks
  • Accelerate the new for a new roof

Here is our honest question to you: Is climbing on your Fernando roof and doing the job yourself truly worth the risks?

Professional Guarantee of Quality Roofing

There is a reason why we at Roof Repair Specialist constantly receive high praises and positive reviews: We get the job done correctly, and deliver quality roofing that will last at the best possible cost.

We bring decades of roofing experience and knowledge to you, ensuring that you can have 100% confidence in your roof to protect your home or your business. We believe that 99% protection is not enough, so we are not satisfied until the job is perfect.

Our Established Process In Our Roofing Company

How does the typical roofing contract work with our team? We have a roofing process in place that guarantees transparency, quality, and long-term investment.

1. Schedule a roofing appointment

Reach out to our representatives to discuss your construction and repair needs.
During this step, we aim to gain a full understanding of your project and make an appointment with an inspector who will come out and assess your needs.

2. Evaluation of the best roofing solutions

We rely on our knowledge and assessment of your roofing system to make suggestions for a high quality roofing. These could include roofing repair, roofing maintenance service, or other services to address small problems before they can get worse. Feel free to ask our roofers any questions you might have about roofing replacement or even our approach to roofing works.

3. Free estimates, no obligation

After our assessment of your roof, we will make sure to deliver a detailed quote with the full breakdown of all costs related to materials and craftsmanship. You can rest assured that there will be no hidden costs. You know exactly how much your project will cost.
During your appointment, ask us about roofing materials and we will be able to provide samples to show you exactly what we will be installing during your project.

4. Planning your roof project

We will make sure you get to choose the best material for your needs and preferences. Therefore, we make it a priority to bring different samples and explain our different approaches so you can make an informed decision.
We will adjust the estimates accordingly to reflect your choice of materials and the work it might entail. We put you in charge of your roofing plan. Once you sign the estimate, we’ll collect any necessary city permits and schedule the work to begin.

5. The roofing work begins

We ensure that you are aware of all necessary preparation works and understand the duration of the project. We also make sure that we agree on a schedule that works for you and your building.
Naturally, the work schedule will be different depending on the type of roofing work required, from full roof replacement to simple repairs.

6. Clean Up

Our team will do a quality roof installation or repair, and once we are all done, you won’t even know we were there! Our expert roofers will clean up all debris and materials from the site. We make a point of leaving your home or business in pristine condition.

7. Leave Us a Review

Our promise is to deliver high quality roofing for all customers for long-lasting, value-enhancing results. Once the project is fully complete, that is when we will take final payment for the roofing job.
We also have financing solutions available. Feel free to reach out to our bookkeepers to find out more about those.

Why Choose Roof Repair Specialist in San Fernando, CA

We are proud to be a family owned and operated roofing company with 100% positive reviews. We don’t just work with family, we treat our customers like family too, constantly striving to give the best possible service.

We proudly service the wider Los Angeles area throughout the San Fernando Valley, including North Hills, West Hills, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, and Granada Hills.

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