The Best Roof Color for Your Home

Whether you moved to a new house or you are renovating your current one, roof color is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Although it is not a structural issue that will make or break your house, it will determine the overall aesthetic and look of it. So, keep reading to find out how to choose the best color for your roof.

Things to keep in mind

Initially, you should be careful about pinning your hopes on a particular color as it may not work well for your roof.

A number of factors should be taken into account:

  • The neighborhood – your homeowner’s association or city can have rules and requirements that you have to follow for picking a specific color and roofing material. So, before you settle on a color, check with your HOA and city to make sure you comply with their guidelines.
  • The style of your roof and house – the color and architectural style should match. If you are trying to make your house look large, then go for lighter colors. But if you want it to look small and compact, then dark colors will do the trick.
  • Temperature – just like with clothes, light colors decrease temperature and dark colors absorb high temperature. So, depending on what kind of climate you live, the right color of your roof can save you money and keep your house cooler.

What else matters?

First and foremost, the material that you will use for the roofing. Depending on the type of the roof, the choice of colors will be either limited or very wide. Of course, the roofing material you select is more important than the color. So choose the material you like first, and then pick the color from the available options.

Next thing to consider is the siding and walls of your home’s exterior. Is your house made of brick or stucco? This can affect the color of your roof. For example, with bricks, it is generally recommended to go for darker color roofing material to contrast with the look of the house.

If your house is cream-colored, then the roof can be in solid colors such as brown, grey, blue, green or black. Brown houses call for grey, black and green roofs. And if your house is white, then you have all the options that you can possibly think of, unless there are regulations you have to follow. 

Choosing a roof color is fun and exciting. You have one shot with it, so you can use photoshop or other applications to test the color on the roof first before the actual installation.

If you are in Los Angeles and need to hire a professional roofing contractor, then call us today! We provide many roofing colors to choose from, whether you’re going for tile, shingle, or torch down roofing. During your appointment, your consultant will show you all the options available and help you pick the best color for your home.