What Causes Commercial Roof Damage?

There is nothing more important than the building your business operates in. It’s the first thing potential customers see; it is the beginning of their experience with you.

With so much riding on a first impression, the building’s structure must be the top priority. All of that begins with its roof.

What are the biggest risk factors that lead to damage? We’re going to discuss that with you today so you can know what to look out for with the help of commercial roofers in Los Angeles. It’s easier to do prevention beforehand than it is to do damage control afterward.

1. Storm Damage

A storm isn’t something you can prevent, but it is something you must clean up after. 

If large branches or other materials are left on top of your house for long periods of time, the weight will become heavy on your roof. This weakens the structure and, in extreme circumstances, can even make a part of the roof cave in. Along with expensive repairs, it puts you and your customers at risk.

After any major weather event, you need to have the aftermath inspected. Even if it looks fine at first glance, it might have unseen damage only professional commercial roofers in Los Angeles could detect.

2. Leaks

Leaks are one of the most dangerous problems a roof can have. They can cause the material to become soggy and, therefore, easier to damage. It can cause mold and mildew and creates the perfect conditions for algae and pest infestations to develop.

If you notice any wet spots on the floor, stains on the ceiling, or unpleasant odors in a specific area, you need to call a Los Angeles commercial roofing contractor immediately. 

3. Pests

The biggest threat that termites, mice, and other creatures pose is that they can eat away at your building’s structure. They can also become a danger to you, whether by attacking you or carrying diseases. Plus, they will harm your business’ reputation if seen by customers.

Unfortunately, once you have seen more than one in an area, you can almost guarantee there are far more hiding away. Large groups will severely damage your roof’s structure. This means you need to be vigilant in your measures to keep pests away after you have gotten rid of an infestation.

When you notice any early signs of damage, you need first to have the pests removed and then contact professionals offering commercial roofing in Los Angeles for repairs.

4. Dirt and Grime

This will make your curb appeal and customer turnout plummet, which will gut your business.

But the buildup of dirt and grime is more than just unattractive. Roofing materials that have not been cleaned will break down years quicker. That means along with losing money, you will also have to spend more money on expensive repairs.

Along with annually washing your commercial roof, you should also call in a Los Angeles commercial roofing company for fine-tuning and inspection. A building that is not tended to is guaranteed to fall apart, and this is your most important investment.

5. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters cause all kinds of problems, including leaks, mold, and mildew (all of these problems both cause and exacerbate one another). Clogging also will cause water to pool onto your roof and cascade over your siding, weakening the structure.

If you see any problems with your gutters, you need to seek commercial roofing in Los Angeles. You should also have them checked seasonally and cleaned twice a year, especially after fall.

Staying Informed and Forewarned

Overall, lack of maintenance is one of the biggest threats to commercial buildings. A small problem will inevitably become a major issue if left unattended. You need to have your property regularly inspected, and if a problem is spotted, an appointment to fix it must be made as soon as possible!