What Color Roof Increases Home Value?

Are you looking to make a style statement with your home? And by this, we mean the exterior as well as the interior.

It’s about curb appeal.

It’s about the first impression that potential buyers see.

It’s about getting your house ready to grab those passersby before they simply drive on because there is “nothing good to see.”

Here are some fantastic roof color schemes and combinations from a top roofing company in Los Angeles to enhance your existing design and decor.

What Is The Best Color For The Roof Of My Home?

Finding a color scheme that enhances your home’s appearance while tying in seamlessly with the neighborhood can significantly influence its resale value. The perfect color match will appeal to buyers looking for a sense of cohesiveness.

The color shouldn’t shout at you but should create a striking impression and pleasantly accentuate the rest of your home.

A roof repair specialist in Los Angeles will have the expertise and experience to assist you in capturing the perfect harmony for your home.

Here are five options to consider before you make that all-important decision.

1. Classic Color

Homeowners frequently use classic black or grey, and they are a popular choice in most neighborhoods. These colors are timeless.

However, they can be seen as ‘boring’ and understated. Consult with a roofing company in Los Angeles that can offer you the best solution for how you want to present your home!

2. Complementary Color

Consider the current style of your home and the existing color tones of the rest of your house. Picking a roof color that contrasts with the color of your house can really make it stand out and pop. If your house is a warm color like red, yellow, or brown, consider installing a roof with cool tones such as black or blue.  

Your LA roofer will have experience tying together the right combinations and tones – never be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

3. Contrasting Or Blending?

Would you like to pair a dark roof with your light-colored home? Or a contemporary light gray roof with a dark-colored home?

Or go very modern and consider a white home with a black roof! This is a popular option today and it’s popping up more frequently on Los Angeles homes.

4. Match Up With The Siding

For successful eye-catching compatibility, It’s important to match up with the color of your siding. This will allow your home to pull together to create a balanced, inviting appearance.

These roof colors contrast but work harmoniously:

  • White siding with a contrasting brown, black, or green roof or a light blue or gray non-contrasting roof.
  • Red siding – try a contrasting black or grey roof or a non-contrasting brown roof.

5. Energy Efficiency

The style of your home is important. However, many buyers in California will look for a home that is energy-efficient. Pale colors are the most efficient if the emphasis is on energy savings because they repel the heat.

Darker colors absorb the sun, so your air conditioning will have to work harder to keep your home cool. An experienced LA roofer can guide you through the various alternatives then you should be good to go.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right color for your home can be daunting. However, with the assistance of Roof Repair Specialist in Los Angeles, you’ll be able to find the perfect color scheme to enhance your home’s value and attract the perfect buyer!