4 Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

4 benefits of having a professional roof inspection to assess storm damage

The best way to prevent damage caused by weather is to take preventative measures. So where should you start? 

The roof is your home’s first line of defense as it takes most of the hit from storms. 

It’s always a good idea to have a Pasadena roofing company assess your roof damage after a storm. Experts can spot easy-to-miss issues and prevent your home from incurring worse damage down the line. 

How Does a Storm Damage Your Roof?

We see several types of storms in Pasadena, all with potential risks to your home. You may need roof repair in Pasadena, CA for several reasons, ranging from heavy rain to hail damage. 

Here are some of the most damaging storms your roof may face: 

  • Heavy rain. Yes, heavy rain can cause enough damage to necessitate repairs. Pounding rainfall can use loosen shingles and create an entrance for water.
  • Strong winds. Strong winds often result in missing shingles and downed branches that leave holes in your roof. Having your roof’s underlying structure exposed to the elements can lead to mold growth, water leaks, weakened insulation, and other issues. If the winds are strong enough, they may even uproot trees near your house, leading to catastrophic damage.
  • Hail. Hailstones can range from the size of peas to baseballs. Larger stones can cause some serious damage. The force of hail falling is enough to create dents and damage the roof’s flashing.

Storms can wreak havoc if you don’t keep up with the necessary roof repair in Pasadena, CA. Have your rooftop inspected as soon as possible after a storm to ensure it protects your home from the next severe weather event. 

Below are four reasons why a post-storm inspection is beneficial to your home. 

1. Saves You Money

Having inspections after a storm hits can help you save money in the long run. Avoiding your roof’s issues because you’re scared of getting hit with the bill afterward will only worsen things. 

The longer your roof goes without inspection, the more likely it will develop further problems. It’s best to deal with the issues when they happen to avoid more from happening. 

Frequent inspections – or at least after a storm has passed – help you address any issues before the cost to fix them starts to snowball. Reach out to licensed roofing contractors in Pasadena, CA to get a proper inspection. 

2. Expert Eyes on Your Property 

You may think it would be obvious when your roof has damage, but it can be tricky to inspect it properly if you don’t know what to look for. 

Not all damage is noticeable or easy to spot, especially from the ground. There are specific signs that roofers in Pasadena know to look out for. 

For instance, there may be underlying damage if you’ve waited too long for an inspection, such as cracked decking and minor leaks. With their trained eyes, roofers can spot easy-to-miss issues before they cause significant structural damage to your home or roof. 

You should seek immediate roof repair in Pasadena, CA if you’ve already noticed water spots or damage in your home. 

3. Help With Insurance Claims

If your roof is severely damaged after a storm, you’ll need a professional inspection before filing a claim with your insurance. 

Dealing with an insurance company can feel overwhelming. You may not always feel as though the agent you’re talking to has your best interests in mind. Make sure you’re fully prepared before filing a claim, as they may choose to decline or not cover it all.

You’ll need documentation and proof of damage. With a professional inspection by a Pasadena roofing company, you can get a cost estimate and a comprehensive summary of all the damage. 

Having certified reports from a roofer can make the insurance claim process more straightforward. 

4. Peace of Mind

If you haven’t had a roof inspection in a while, there may be a nervous voice in the back of your mind asking, “What if there’s roof damage, and I don’t even find out until my roof caves in?” 

Whether a professional finds damage or not, you’ll be able to sleep better knowing a Pasadena roofing company has properly inspected your roof. 

An experienced and licensed company will analyze the roof’s stability, drainage system, flashings, shingles, and more. You’ll be able to know what its life expectancy is, its overall condition, and any potential issues you can look out for whenever you’re outside. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a wise move to call in a licensed roofing company after a storm – even if you don’t think your roof has sustained any damage. Expert roofers will know what to look for and recommend the best route, whether a simple repair or a whole new roof. 

It’s also recommended to get an annual inspection regardless of the weather. Protect your Pasadena property – schedule an appointment today!