5 Ways to Keep Roof Replacement Costs Down

A roof is necessary, and it’s an aspect of your home that must be done right. To avoid further repairs and extra costs in the future, you want to ensure professionals do any roof replacement to a high standard.

As a roof repair specialist in Los Angeles, we know a thing or two about replacements. Still, we also know that for some homeowners, money might be a little tight at the moment. Take a look at 5 ways you can help keep the cost of a roof replacement down!

1. Do Your Research

As Los Angeles roofing contractors, we cannot stress how important doing your research is. For example, you need to know the size of your roof, the shape, and the current material (shingles, clay tiles, or something else) before you jump on the phone to roofers in Los Angeles.

When you have this information on hand, you’ll be able to keep estimates consistent and close to the actual replacement costs. You should get an itemized estimate, as well. Some less-reputable companies will try to hide the cost of things like permits and dumpster rentals.

2. Get a Free Estimate

You should never have to pay for an estimate from a roofing company. Should you notice some structural damage, or if you’ve got a leak, locate the number of a local company for a free estimate. Most roofers in Los Angeles will provide you with a detailed report to tell you exactly what it is you need, whether it’s a small repair or a whole re-roof.

It’s important to gather more than one estimate, too. We’d recommend 2-3, so you can more accurately judge the real cost of your roof replacement.

3. Don’t Settle For the First Company You Contact

It’s a competitive market, so you need to shop around when searching for a roofer in Los Angeles. Compare companies from different parts of town –LA County’s a big place, and you might find the best roofers in Los Angeles where you least expect them.

It’s also important to watch out for really cheap estimates, as this usually suggests poor quality workmanship. It could also indicate that the crew isn’t licensed or insured. That means you could be financially, or even legally, on the hook for any injuries and damages.

4. Check Your Warranty

When was the last time your roof was replaced? It may still be under warranty if you’ve had a replacement within the past 15 years. If you’ve just moved into your new house, make sure to look at the closing paperwork, as the warranty info will most likely have been included.

If your roof is under warranty, the cost of the replacement might be partially covered by a warranty claim. In a similar vein, be sure you’re up-to-date on your homeowner’s insurance policy. If your roof was damaged in a storm, you might be able to make a claim and get part of the replacement roof covered.

5. The Overlay Option

Your Los Angeles roofing contractors will let you know if you can opt for an overlay instead of a replacement. That’s the installation of new shingles on top of your old ones. This saves you money because there are fewer labor hours, and you don’t have to pay for your old roof to be taken away.

However, it’s not always the best option to choose due to it potentially shortening or voiding any warranty you may have on your roofing materials. An overlay is a definite trade-off, but it may be worth it if money is tight and you really need a new roof.

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