Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof in Los Angeles, CA

Winter is over, and into spring we jump – time to do the cleaning, clearing, and checking! 

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your roof and the rest of your home can save thousands of dollars over the years. Start your project checklist, and you can relax for the rest of spring and summer. 

Below are some ways you should consider pampering your roofing system as soon as spring arrives.

1. Get to Work on the Gutters

Gutters can be the first to feel the after-effects of the winter months. Debris blocks and clogs downpipes, and your gutters will not be able to do their job effectively. 

Grab a sturdy ladder, ensure you follow safety precautions, and get to work. Clean the visible areas, then move on to the downspouts. Spray water from your garden hose and check that the water drains off freely and is completely debris-free. 

If you would rather leave it to the professionals, consider hiring a roof repair specialist in Los Angeles

2. Clear the Shingles

The next important step is to spring clean the shingles of any debris and then check for loose, missing, buckling, or stained shingles. 

Garden debris is one of the main culprits that can cause roof damage, especially to your shingles. Harsh weather conditions like heavy snow or ice will also leave their mark. If you want to consider doing a DIY job, use a leaf blower to remove this seasonal leftover. 

Repairing or replacing loose or lifted shingles is best handled by a licensed roofer in Los Angeles, CA.

3. Check the Flashing

If your skylights, chimneys, and vents have been compromised during heavy wind or storms in winter, your roof will be left vulnerable. Keeping a constant eye on your flashings is imperative for a well-maintained roofing structure, especially for the coming spring rains.

Like any task that requires climbing onto the roof, repairing or replacing damaged flashing should be left to professional contractors.

4. Trim Those Branches

Overgrown branches can threaten the integrity of your roofing in Los Angeles, CA, so it is best to keep trimming the vegetation. Clippers are suitable for the smaller branches, but thicker ones may require a chainsaw. 

If you do not have the proper equipment, consider asking the Los Angeles roofing company for the names of professional arborists in the area.

Keeping overhanging branches under check will help keep your gutters clear of obstructions. At the start of the spring season, keep an eye on any trees near your roof and ensure your gutters remain free from debris.

5. Clean the Soffit and Fascia

The soffit is an overhanging panel that helps regulate the temperature inside your home. The fascia’s purpose is mainly aesthetic; it lines the side of your roof’s overhang and makes it appear more finished.

Check these areas for the small animals and birds that have nested there in the winter months, and wipe away any mold or mildew growth.

6. Look Out for Mold

If there is evidence of mold, and it has progressed to a large area of your roof, call in a Los Angeles roofing company for a thorough assessment. 

If it is minor growth, mix a solution of 50/50 bleach and water and spray over the affected areas. Be careful to rinse thoroughly and ensure your plants are well protected from overspray. 

7. Check From the Inside Out

Inspecting your attic for any damage that could have been caused by water leaks or holes in your roof is a crucial step in the spring cleaning process. 

If you notice a musty odor or water stains, search for leaks. Call a specialist in roofing in Los Angeles, CA, who can pinpoint the source of the problem. 

Top Spring Cleaning Tip: Give the Professionals a Call!

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles roofing company will guarantee your spring cleaning project will be done expertly with the best turnaround time. Sit back, relax, and leave it to the professionals!