Behind The Scenes Of Your Roof Repair Estimate

Behind The Scenes Of Your Roof Repair Estimate

Two houses next door to each other, both in need of roof repair. One repair estimate comes back at $750, the other at $2750. Why are the estimates so far apart? There are a lot of factors which go into a roof repair. Each of those factors affects the repair’s cost.

The Extent of the Damage

Leaking roofs can cause a lot of damage. A minor leak can keep occurring with every rain storm and no one is the wiser until the damage is done.

In some cases, the damage is minor and only requires a small repair to the roof decking.  In other cases, the damage goes much wider and much deeper. A larger part of the deck may be affected. The damage may also involve damage to insulation, rafters, drywall, and more.

So, the cost of repairing minor and contained damage is going to be less than the cost of major, extensive damage.

Materials Needed for the Repair

The roofing material is going to make a big difference in the cost of a repair. Asphalt shingles are usually the lowest cost option, while slate, tile, and metal cost significantly more.

Besides roofing material, other materials will be required to do the repair work. This can include decking, tar paper, nails, and flashing.

The Roof Structure

A steep roof requires special safety and staging equipment. The work is slower, which means it takes more time to complete the job. Also, if the house has multiple stories, safety and staging concerns must be addressed. All of this adds cost to the repair.

Is It an Emergency?

Emergency repairs usually cost more. The roofer has to shuffle his workforce to get the work done. He may have to buy supplies at higher prices because they are not readily available from his usual suppliers.

How to Get the Best Price Possible for Your Roof Repair

So, what does a roof repair cost? With so many factors in play, the estimate for your roof is going to be different from your neighbor’s. To get the best price possible for your roof repair, you need to look for a local repair company. They have the skill, knowledge, experience, and suppliers to give you the best price possible.

If you need roof repair in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, or La Canada, call Roof Repair Specialist today.

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