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Located on Santa Monica Bay, El Segundo is one of the most idyllic neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. The small city is blessed with epic summers, mild winters, and stunning sceneries while a host of activities and diverse businesses are just a stone’s throw away.

As a homeowner, keeping your house and family protected is a key responsibility. While snowstorms and hurricanes are not a concern in El Segundo, your residential or commercial roofing systems could become damaged by UV rays while even limited rainfall could pose a threat to your property too. If you require a world-class service to fix existing problems or extend the life of your structure, Roof Repair Specialist can help.

From minor repairs to full roof replacement services, our El Segundo roofing specialists will deliver the fast, affordable, and highly professional craftsmanship that you deserve. Better still, we offer free estimates on all proposed roofing projects, thus enabling you to make a calculated decision regarding your next steps. Don’t delay, call California’s #1 roofing contractor today.

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Completing El Segundo Roofing Since 2011

When hiring a roofer in El Segundo, only the best will do for your home or business. Here at Roof Repair Specialist, our family-run business has served hundreds of happy clients like you across Los Angeles. It has seen us become the best-loved roofing contractor in the county.

From Inglewood to Redondo Beach, our services are immensely popular with commercial and residential customers alike. Here’s why you can book us for your roofing job in El Segundo with 100% confidence:

  • We are a C-39 roofing licensed, fully insured, and BBB A+ rated contractor that has operated in California for over a decade. 
  • Our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship is supported by transparent communication to deliver the peace of mind you deserve.
  • We provide punctual service in the local area of El Segundo and work exclusively with the highest-grade roofing materials on the market.

As an experienced team of professional roofers in Southern California, we have garnered a reputation for delivering affordable roof installations and repairs that are built to last. Our expertise has also been acknowledged with an Owen’s Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor status, which is further supported by dozens of verified five-star reviews from happy customers.

The Roof Repair Specialist team in El Segundo can help you overcome a diverse range of roofing problems. And in the rare cases where the work is beyond our capabilities, your roofing contractor let you know immediately to avoid wasting time.

Comprehensive Roofing Services in El Segundo, CA

Whether you need a new roof or the existing system just needs some repairs or maintenance, you need the help of a roofing company that specializes in a comprehensive range of services and can handle every part of the project from inspection to installation. The Roof Repair Specialist team in El Segundo CA is perfectly positioned to solve virtually all problems for commercial and residential clients across Los Angeles County.

Our fully licensed contractors in El Segundo offer full consultations to discuss your roofing needs in full detail, while our free estimates will help determine which solution is best suited to your budget and project objectives. The most common types of roofing work are detailed below.

Roof Replacement El Segundo, CA

A roof replacement is a major project that should only be completed by a dedicated roofing professional. If your roof has become severely damaged by heavy rains or long-term UV exposure, our dedicated El Segundo roofers can help you choose the best new roofing system for your home or business before installing it with utmost care.

Our comprehensive and quality roofing services will ensure that the old roof is removed and new roof is installed with care. We can install shingle roofs, torch down roofs, tile roofs, self-adhered roofing membranes, and TPO roofs on properties in El Segundo. While our roofing contractors are more than happy to provide insights into all roofing structure types, we will leave you to make the final decision on which material you want installed.

Unlike many companies, we will never try to oversell something that isn’t required. If your roof only needs repairs, our experts will let you know. In cases where a replacement is needed, our carefully planned construction and roof installation services ensure that minimal disruption is caused to your family or business. 

Request your free quote and roof replacement service with El Segundo’s #1 residential and commercial roofing team today!

Roof Repairs El Segundo, CA

While many companies will try to sell you a roof replacement even when it’s not needed, our roofers view repairing the roof as the ideal choice. Following a complete roof inspection to identify the source of leaks or other issues, we’ll complete fully tailored repairs to ensure that your roof looks and feels like new.

Our extensive range of re roofing and repair services covers everything from damaged flashing or vulnerable corners to missing shingles. As well as completing the repairs, we’ll ensure that the treated sections are even more durable than the surrounding areas. This can save you from future damage.

Whether the need for repairs has been caused by rain leaks, UV damage, or fallen trees, we can help. We can repair all types of sloped and flat roofs, including wood shingles and cal shake roofing systems. With Roof Repair Specialist, your roofing contractor can do it all and fix the repairs needed with the best quality.

Get in touch to discover why our roofing repairs are the best choice for homeowners in El Segundo and beyond.

Roof Maintenance El Segundo, CA

Effective roof maintenance is a key aspect of keeping your commercial or residential building in great health for the long haul, and our trustworthy experts specialize in providing a range of quality services that prolong the life of roofing systems in Los Angeles, CA. Areas like Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Ventura County, and Sunset Blvd are all covered. And so is your El Segundo home.

If you need a dedicated roofer to provide your El Segundo home with the very best maintenance solutions in California, ours is the only service you need. Our extremely responsive team can check every part of your roof, including skylights as well as shingles and tiles, before using their expertise to get the structure back up to optimal performance levels.

Whether using the services after moving into a new house or completing annual maintenance to prevent costly repairs in the future, our local El Segundo roofing contractors will serve you well. To get your roofing project up and running in El Segundo, call our dedicated maintenance experts now.

Roof Coatings in El Segundo, CA

Roof coatings aren’t a magic solution that suddenly fixes every problem with your building. Sadly, this is the way many contractors in Los Angeles, CA see them. While we’re better in that regard, we do believe that quality coatings do have a role to play in low-slope residential or commercial roofing. Where applicable, we provide the best options at a good price. More importantly, you will receive an excellent job that also comes with a full warranty.

Your El Segundo roofing contractor can additionally install acrylic coatings, which work particularly well on any roof installed in Los Angeles due to its natural UV protection. A quality installation can also help cool the building, making it a good choice to replace other coatings. Get in touch with the #1 El Segundo roofer today to learn more!

Expert Gutter Installation in El Segundo, CA

The look and function or residential and commercial roofing isn’t only influenced by roofs themselves. A new gutter installation could be equally beneficial for new roofs and old structures that need a little TLC. Our roofers can take care of this issue either as a standalone service or within the context of more extensive roofing services.

Either way, our El Segundo roofing contractors can design and install the best gutter system for your home. This can extend to the addition of leaf filters and guards, as well as other functional elements that promote a quality performance. Once the job is completed, you’ll be far less prone to leaky roofs and related problems that may be attributed to blockages.

As a dedicated El Segundo roofing company that prides itself on comprehensive repair work and upgrades that provide quality results for long-term satisfaction, our gutter installations are an integral feature.

To upgrade your building in California with a gutter installation service by a dedicated roofing contractor, call our El Segundo roofers now.

Roof Maxx Dealer in El Segundo, CA

Here at Roof Repair Specialist, we boast contractors specializing in Roof Maxx solutions to keep your El Segundo building in the best condition for longer. In fact, each coating can prolong the lifespan of your asphalt shingles for up to five years. This is very useful when roofs feature modern style asphalt shingles that are structurally inferior to the materials used in previous generations.

Roof Maxx is environmentally friendly and absorbs directly into asphalt shingles. Our expert technicians in El Segundo will come out and examine your shingle roof to see if this treatment is the right solution for your property.

If you think new coatings could be useful for your re roofing project, call our El Segundo roofers today.

Roof Inspection Services El Segundo, CA

It’s always wise to conduct regular visual inspections of your residential or commercial roofing. When you need a thorough roof inspection, though, only a professional roofing company near El Segundo can deliver the results you deserve. Whether you’re buying a new home or need to gain a clearer understanding of your current roofing situation, ours is the only local roofing company you need.

Our El Segundo roofers will provide a detailed analysis of your roofing situation. This data may subsequently be used to confirm which repair jobs are required or which parts you need to replace. Alternatively, it can be used for when making your home insurance claim or protecting a commercial roofing system.

As a dedicated contractor, any advice to replace specific sections of the roof will also be supported by free estimates covering clear timeframes and cost expectations. If you decide to go ahead with the roofing upgrade, our El Segundo roofing company can deliver this service too. Call our El Segundo roofing team to arrange your full roof inspection now.

Roofing Contractors Who Understand You

At Roof Repair Specialist El Segundo CA, we’re not only experts in roof repairs and installations. More importantly, we understand your needs as a homeowner or business owner. As a passionate roofing company with a human approach, the love we feel for our clients shines through on every project.

You require the help of a roofing contractor that can restore your property to its former glory in a cost-efficient and professional manner without negatively impacting your life. More crucially, you need to know that your roof will look and perform as expected for many years to come. 

As the best El Segundo roofers for residential and commercial projects, we guarantee that:

  • All new roof installations will be completed using the highest quality materials and techniques. So, you can be 100% certain that the best results will be produced.
  • We implement a detailed planning process so that the on-site installation and roof repairs can be completed in a quick and non-disruptive manner.
  • Where applicable, our experts will communicate with technicians regarding your solar panels or commercial HVAC systems. 
  • Our experts will also provide detailed advice on how to keep your roof in great health or schedule future annual maintenance.

Local El Segundo Roofing Contractor

When hiring a roofing contractor, it’s important that you select one who understands roofing in the local area. An El Segundo roofing contractor should know which materials are most suitable to deal with the climate in California, as well as the current trends to ensure that all home or commercial roofing services will make the customer happy.

Our roofers in El Segundo are fully committed to taking your house or workplace to the next level with quality workmanship. Whether it’s a shingle roof upgrade or flashing repair, our local company gives clients a great experience from start to finish. A convenient and cost-effective solution is guaranteed while you will also receive a full warranty for added peace of mind.

So, if you need support with your El Segundo roofing in California, call your local team at Roof Repair Specialist to arrange an appointment.

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When it’s time to fix your roof, you want to call a roofing contractor with raving reviews, full licensing, and a great reputation. That’s where our El Segundo roofing contractor comes in! Our company prioritizes quality and customer service to keep our clients happy. Roof Repair Specialist is truly the #1 residential and commercial roofing specialist in Los Angeles. Get in touch for the sake of your safety, property, and peace of mind today.




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