Roofing Contractor in Playa Del Rey, CA

Playa Del Rey CA is home to some of the most spectacular buildings in California. As such, roofing contractors are in high demand. Local people want skilled professionals who can maintain their properties, prevent leaks, and enhance their curb appeal.

That’s where Roof Repair Specialist can help. As contractors in Playa Del Rey CA, we love helping local people enhance their properties and get peace of mind.

We take great pride in our work and assist people and businesses in this friendly, family-oriented community, as well as those in Venice, Marina del Rey, and other areas close by. Let our local roofers fix your roof so you can enjoy the area’s delicious culinary scene, unique boutiques, and numerous art galleries.

This page introduces you to roofing services in Playa del Rey. We discuss our professional services, the reasons for choosing us as your local experts, and the types of roofing best suited for the Playa del Rey area.

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Whether you own a home or run a business in Playa del Rey, our contractors can help. We offer numerous services designed to protect your property from the elements and keep it well-maintained. Here’s what we do:

Roofing Installations Playa Del Rey CA

Roof Repairs Playa Del Rey CA

Roofing repairs fix problems with your roof and help to prevent further damage. Roofing professionals begin by conducting an assessment of the issues currently affecting your roof. If repairs are economical, repair work will begin.

Our team is well-versed in fixing residential and commercial roofing in Playa Del Rey. We can supply virtually any roofing material you need to correct problems, fixing the root cause of the issue (instead of patching over it).

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Gutter Installation Professionals Playa Del Rey CA

Roof Maxx Shingles Protection

Roof Maxx is a maintenance service for asphalt shingles to help them last longer. It involves infusing tiles with a type of oil, making them more flexible and less prone to damage.

As licensed and certified Roof Maxx professionals, we have helped thousands of customers get extra usage from their shingles roofing and avoid costly repairs. Treatment is available from six years after installation and can be reapplied every five to ten years.

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Professional Roof Maintenance

Professional Roof Inspections

Getting a roof inspection is helpful if you want to buy a home. Knowing the quality of the roof gives you peace of mind and reduces the risk of high repair bills after purchase.

Our team can carry out a full assessment and tell you if you will need to re-roof in the coming years. Professionals provide you with a full report, detailing all concerns we have.

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs Or Replacement

Figuring out whether you need to repair or replace your roof isn’t always easy. However, there are some signs you’ll want to watch out for that indicate you should contact an expert. These include:

Damaged, missing, or broken tiles visible on the roof

A musty smell of dampness or mold in your attic

Visible damage to the soffits and fascia, or water pouring down walls

A roof that is old and can’t be fixed with a simple maintenance service

Rising energy bills

A sagging roofline

Wood in your roof beams starting to rot

Damage to the insulation in your attic

Why Choose Roof Repair Specialist?

There are plenty of roofing contractors in Playa del Rey, so why choose us? Here are some of the things that set us apart.

Vast Experience

Roof Repair Specialist has over ten years of experience in the roofing industry. In that time, our team has worked on practically every type of roofing popular in the area, including tiles, asphalt shingles, and single-ply.

Free Estimates

We also offer free estimates on all projects, with no obligation to buy. Whether you are a business or homeowner, you can always get a clear sense of how much your project will cost.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives customers in Playa del Rey even more confidence in our service. Notice a problem? Simply call us and we will return to your property to fix the issue.

Competitive Pricing

Get quality work at competitive prices when you come to us. We always use high-quality materials and won’t stop working until you are completely satisfied.

Roof Type Considered

We work on both commercial and residential roofing projects. Use us today and experience the Roof Repair Specialist difference yourself.

Wide Range Of Products

We offer a large selection of roofing products, and we are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor in Playa Del Rey.

Local Experts In Residential And Commercial Roofing Solutions

Trying to find roofing contractors who understand the unique challenges of Playa del Rey are in luck. Our team offers an amazing service, thanks to our incredible range of roofing solutions. Get asphalt, tile, single-ply, and more.


Shingles are a popular residential roofing solution made of a combination of gravel mixed with bituminous materials. These roofs are highly affordable and easy to lay in sections while looking attractive at the same time. With careful maintenance and proper treatment, they can last for up to thirty years.

Torch-Down Roofing

Torch-down is a popular material used by commercial facilities and sometimes for residential extensions. It is a great option if you have a flat roof, due to its durability and ability to quickly span a large area.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are made of fired clay and are a popular option in Playa del Rey. This material is suitable for virtually any residential or upscale business roofing project thanks to its attractive aesthetics and durability. Interlocking tiles create a barrier against sun and rain, preventing dampness from penetrating and damaging your property, and can last for more than fifty years.

Single-Ply Roofs

Single ply is a material capable of spanning the large, flat roofs you often find on business premises. With us, you get a choice of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which both offer exceptional protection against the weather, along with various adhesives. Talk to one of our California professionals about your options and what would work best for your building.

Cal And Wood Shakes (Repair Only)

Cal and wood shakes were popular building materials in the twentieth century. However, experience shows that these roofs don’t last long. Therefore, we only offer repairs on cal and wood shakes or replacements using other materials.

Choose Roof Repair Specialist For Roofing Services In Playa del Rey CA

Finding roofing expertise in California is easy with Roof Repair Specialist. You can get all the experience and expertise you need for your project, all in one place. Our roofing services in Playa del Rey are ideal for replacing or repairing your roof or upgrading commercial buildings.

Talk to a Playa del Rey roofing professional today at Roof Repair Specialist about your project. We’d love to hear from you.




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