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Homeowners and businesses in West Covina, CA rely on roofing contractors like Roof Repair Specialist to ensure their buildings continue to provide proper shelter. Properties without adequate roofing can depreciate rapidly and be unsafe for those who occupy them.

However, West Covina residents and enterprises need to be vigilant of their roofing. The suburban city of Los Angeles is subject to rapidly changing weather and heavy rainstorms. The constant sunshine summer heat waves can also cause much damage to a roof that isn’t properly maintained, required re roofing sooner than later.

As contractors in West Covina, we offer a host of roof-related services, including installation, maintenance, and roof maintenance services to help it last longer. Our experienced team is ready and waiting to help with your roofing project, whether you want to repair an existing roof or require full roof replacement.

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Locally Owned Roofing Company West Covina, CA

Roof Repair Specialist believes in serving customers in West Covina, CA with quality roofing solutions and exceptional customer service. That’s our mission.

We introduced local residents and businesses to our roofing services in West Covina in 2011, over ten years ago, when brothers Andre and Chris saw an opportunity to improve roofing services for homeowners in the area. From that point, we expanded into commercial roofing, offering various durable and energy-efficient solutions to enterprises in the community.

Initially, we wanted to show customers what a roofing company could achieve. For us, roofing is an art and a science, and our portfolio of roofing projects confirms this. Whether customers need a new tile roof, rain gutters, or roof damage repair, our approach is always the same: provide the highest level of craftsmanship.

While we have significant operations in West Covina CA, we remain a family-owned and operated business. Our roofing team has mothers, brothers-in-law, sisters, daughters, and sons striving to offer the best services possible.

West Covina Roofing Services

Demand for our roofers in West Covina is high. That’s why we offer a broad array of roofing services in the area, including installations, re-roof options, and repair works, to homeowners and businesses. Check out some of our major roofing services below.

Roof Replacements

Roof replacement involves removing your existing roof and replacing it with brand new materials. We strip the entire roof back to the rafters and fit the new one to extend your building’s life.

Roof shingles can last for up to 30 years with the proper care. Tile roofing options can survive even longer.

If you aren’t sure which type of roof replacement to choose, our team can help. We can direct you toward solutions suitable for your setting, circumstances, and local weather patterns.

We can also suggest alternatives to wholesale re-reroofing. For example, it may be possible to extend the life of your existing roof with repair work or simple treatments. Rest assured that our roofing contractors will give you a fair and honest judgment on what we think is best for your property.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs focus on bolstering your roof against the weather, pests, and aging to help it last longer. Our goal is to reduce the long-term cost of maintaining your roof and to keep it in good condition for as long as the underlying materials permit.

Our services in West Covina begin with assessing your roof’s current condition. A roofing crew arrives at your location and conducts a detailed assessment of your property, considering any chimneys, siding, roofing and solar panels.

Following the assessment, we will estimate the project cost. Once we receive your go-ahead, we begin the work and resolve the roofing damage.

As a rule, we do not provide “patch jobs.” Instead, we aim to get to the root of the problem. This way, we can prevent a leaky roof from recurring.

Throughout the process, we follow proper project management protocols to ensure we meet your roofing needs. For example, if your asphalt shingles are inappropriate for your building, we will suggest alternative repairs. Likewise, we will perform full ridge cap replacement if necessary.

We also protect existing roofing materials against unnecessary damage, wear, and tear with roof cleaning and replacing any materials that might lead to a leaking roof in the future. If your roof is in need of repairs, call us for an appointment and free estimate!

Gutter Installation

Roof Repair Specialist Roofing Inc. offers comprehensive gutter installation for homes in West Covina and Monrovia CA, either standalone or as part of remodeling projects.

Our team can fit new guttering and downspouts to a roofing section or the entire roof.

We also work on flat roofs, helping prevent water from pooling, which can lead to dampness.

You can also use our services to improve your existing guttering. Crews can add rain chains, leaf filters, and higher capacity runs to improve drainage.

To learn more about the types and styles of gutters we offer, call our roofing contractors today!

Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is a roof treatment available in Southern California that extends the life of your shingle roof. It works by improving the flexibility and UV resistance of asphalt shingles, helping them last longer.

Roof Maxx involves applying a type of oil that integrates with the bituminous content of shingles, preventing them from drying out and cracking in the sunlight. The treatment is 100 percent safe for everyone, including children and pets.

Most property owners get Roof Maxx when their asphalt shingles are between 6 and 10 years old. Roofers then return every 5 five years or so to reapply the oil. Done properly, Roof Maxx can help asphalt shingles last upwards of 30 years and survive the unique Southern California climate.

If your roofing shingles are 20+ years old, get in touch to see if Roof Maxx can be the right solution for you!

Roof Maintenance and Coatings

While our team does a fantastic job of roof repairs, roof maintenance is arguably even more beneficial and an integral part of our residential and commercial roofing services. Regularly inspecting and preemptively repairing roofs can extend their lifespan and reduce the overall cost of property and facilities management.

Our roof maintenance services save you money by detecting and resolving issues before they become costly. We protect your current roof installation and prevent damage that could necessitate another one in the future.

Naturally, our roofing contractors have various tools at their disposal to keep roofs in tip-top condition. These include applying sealant, replacing guttering, removing and refitting tiles and capstones, and fixing damage to mortar around chimneys.

Commercial roofing services in West Covina CA also include adding various coatings to your roof. Additional protection can help it last longer and even become more energy efficient.

Other Services

Finally, Roof Repair Specialist Roofing Inc. offers a broad array of additional roofing services in West Covina. These include torch-down roofing, tile roofs, single-ply roofing, acrylic and elastomeric coating, silicone coating, self-adhered roofing membranes, wood and cal shakes, and foam roofs.

We can also offer roofing services for carports and shed roofs, and install attic vents and skylights where appropriate.

Our roofing team will be honest about what work we do or do not service. We won’t work on something that we don’t feel confident in. That way you know you’re getting quality services from us.

Check out the full list of roofing services we provide here.

How We Ensure The Highest Quality

To be the best roofers in West Covina, Roof Repair Specialist operates a strict quality assurance protocol. We believe it is one of the reasons why homeowners and businesses in the local area keep coming back to us for roofing work.

Certified Qualifications

Our roofing pros have certified qualifications from leading recognized national bodies like Owens Corning. These ensure they can work safely and effectively on any West Covina home or business. Proper licensing is key when hiring a roofing contractor.

In-The-Field Management

Unlike other roofing companies, we assign field supervisors to manage residential and commercial roofing installations. They ensure work is carried out to the highest quality and enable you to provide direction and feedback during the project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finally, we believe in offering the highest level of customer service in the construction industry. Our guarantee policy means payment is only required on completion, putting power in your hands. No other roofing company will be this transparent and open with customers.

Our Values as a Local Roofing Company

Our roofing company operates from several core values. First, we believe in getting the job done. Whenever we install a new roof or carry out roof repairs, our goal is to ensure the resulting roof is fit for purpose.

We also believe in operating a fair policy with our customers. That’s why as West Covina roofers, we only recommend the services you need. We never tack on additions if your roofing system doesn’t need it.

Our goal is to provide the top roofing solutions that generate the “wow” factor in West Covina CA, La Puente CA, and other communities in Los Angeles. Roofs should be functional and aesthetic in our view.

Why Customers In West Covina And Los Angeles Love Our Services

Finding a licensed local roofing company you can trust can be challenging. But with Roof Repair Specialist, it’s simple. As licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, you’re in good hands.

Here are some of the reasons why customers keep coming back and using our home and commercial roofing services:

Free Estimates

When you come to us, you’ll get a free estimate to determine the roofing project cost. Then it is up to you whether you want to proceed. Our business free estimates promise extends to commercial customers so you never need to commit before you know how much everything will cost.

High-Quality Standards

We believe in providing the top roofing services in San Gabriel, Garden Grove, West Covina CA, and other areas. That’s why we institute a professional strategy to ensure you get the best results. Our team believes in craftsmanship and attention to detail to generate stunning results.

Accountable and Fair

We also come highly recommended because of our commitment to accountability and fairness. As a locally owned and operated firm in the roofing industry, we believe in providing you with up-to-date information and changes in plans as soon as we learn of them.

Effective Communication

Our team also prioritizes communication from the start. We ensure we are always in touch with you, regardless of project stage. You’ll receive regular phone calls, email updates, and photos of work done on-site. Phone to speak to someone personally at any time during the project.

Guaranteed Results

Finally, we offer guaranteed results. You don’t pay a penny until you are happy with the work our professional team carries out. That’s what differentiates us from other roofing companies in West Covina. And if there are still problems, we will come out and check it out.

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What Roofing Material Should You Choose In West Covina CA?

When it comes to choosing roofing materials in West Covina CA, you have many choices. The local climate is suitable for various roof types, freeing you up to find the perfect option for your property.

If you’re not sure which materials to choose, we can help. As a locally owned and operated roofing contractor, our team can steer you in the direction of the optimal material for your requirements.

As a general rule, you must consider your budget, the climatic conditions, and the function you want the roof to perform. You will also need to think about how long it needs to last.

Tiles tend to be the most durable option, followed by metal and shingles. Roofing companies will sometimes steer you in the direction of the premium options, but we always take your circumstances into account. In many cases, a more affordable roofing material will suffice.

We can also offer various coating options, including silicone, acrylic, and elastomeric coatings. These commercial roofing services extend the lives of roofs and reduce maintenance requirements. Coatings also make buildings more energy efficient and reduce UV damage.

How To Maintain Your Roof

As a roofing company in West Covina and La Puente CA, people often ask us whether they can do anything to better maintain their roofs. Our response is a resounding, “Yes, there are many things you can do.”

Get Rid Of Moss And Algae

Get rid of slow-growing but damaging species that grow on roofs, such as moss and algae. These plants convert compounds in roofing materials into energy, using them to construct their tissues. While they aren’t an immediate threat, they can cause significant damage over time, forcing you to install new shingles and tiles.

Fortunately, getting rid of it is something we include in our maintenance services. We remove moss and algae from the roof safely, eliminating the need for you to get up on the roof and do it yourself.

Ensure Proper Attic Ventilation

You can also take care of your roof by ensuring proper attic ventilation. Air exchange is essential for keeping your roof free from moisture and mold that could cause damage.

Our team can assist in installing and maintaining vents and other attic fittings, whether you have an old or new roof.

Ventilation will help keep your home cool, saving you money in the long run.

Resolve Leaks

Another professional tip is to fix a leaky roof immediately. Failing to do so can result in additional damage and higher repair costs.

As a locally owned and operated roofing contractor, we can assess roofing material for any signs of dampness or water ingress and fix any problems. Our team ensures your roof remains bone dry for years to come, giving you peace of mind.

Perform Roof Coating Inspections

You can also improve roof maintenance by inspecting coating-based roofing solutions. Checking for cracks and damage can prevent harm to underlying roof structures.

If needed we can repair a certain area of the roof, and then install roof coating on the entire flat roof in order to extend its lifespan.

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Roofing FAQs

Can I still repair my roof if I have solar panels?

We can still provide repairs even if you have damaged roofing around solar panels. Our team works carefully around your existing roofing, ensuring we minimize risk to your existing installations. In some cases, we will need you to bring someone else out to remove solar electrical systems before installing new roof materials.

How long does a roof last?

How long a roof lasts depends on the type of roofing material being used. High-quality roofs can last fifty years or more with proper maintenance. Slate roofs can last over a century in the right conditions. The lifespan of asphalt shingles and wood shake is considerably lower. Some treatments we offer can help the former last longer.

Ask your consultant during your appointment regarding the different roof types and which one we recommend for your area.

What is the best time of year to replace a roof?

The best time of the year to replace a roof is whatever time it needs doing. Fall was traditionally busy, but the weather is more consistent in California than in other parts of the country.

Should I walk on my roof?

You should avoid walking on your roofing. If your roof has a problem, contact us and we can offer to repair surfaces. Avoid walking or working on the gable or steep roofs. The risk of falls is high if you lack the proper equipment.

What is the cost of a new roof?

How much you pay for a roof depends on the time of year, the materials you use, and the size of the project. Domestic projects are significantly cheaper than commercial ones, though budgets are also smaller.

The most expensive projects are those spanning large roofs, such as warehouses or large industrial buildings.

If you want to learn how much a roof will cost, get in touch with our team for free estimates.

Should you repair or replace a roof?

Whether you should repair or replace a roof depends on its condition. Roof Repair Specialist always provides impartial advice on the best option for your circumstances. Roof replacement is more likely if your roof is old.

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When you need a roofing company to help you out with repairs, make sure to do your research. Look for a roofing contractor that has the proper license and insurance; has great reviews online; and is easy to get in touch with.

Roof Repair Specialist in West Covina promises to install a quality roofing job the first time. We take accountability for our actions and are fully transparent, unlike other general contractors in Los Angeles.

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