How to Tell if Your Roofer is Super Organized

You may have seen the organization oracle that is Marie Kondo. She transforms homes and homeowners with her advice, tips, and blunt edicts. How can you tell if your roofer is organized? Wait — not just organized. Konmari-level organized; super organized!

Know Thyself

A super organized roofer has the whole package:

  • Communication
  • Construction skills
  • Customer service

A great roofer with an appreciation for organization knows her or his own company inside out. Look for a super organized roofer who works hard every new day to deliver service that is even better than the day before.


A super organized roofer does not rely on memory or napkins for recording vital information. The message out to customers is as clear, concise and correct as the messages coming in from potential customers.

Site managers know the homeowners and make themselves available to answer questions, settle concerns, and oversee work flow. Crew members know each other and work well together.

A super organized roofer keeps lines of communication open between customers and office staff, between crew members and project managers, and between site managers and customers. Nobody has to wonder, “When will the roofers be here?” Nobody has to worry, “Will they ever finish my roof?”

Construction Skills

A super organized roofer keeps a tidy, humming work site. No uncertainty, no hesitation, and certainly no downtime. The roofing crew has all the equipment needed for the job. The supplier delivers shingles, metal roof panels, or roof repair materials on time and in the correct quantities.

A super organized roofer uses the right product for the job, without skimping or substituting substandard roofing materials. Nothing is left to chance. Crews are trained. Site managers know their crewmembers. Office staff knows where every crew is. Trucks are clean and air compressors are oiled.  

Customer Service

A super organized roofer recognizes the value of every customer. From initial sales call through final inspection, no opportunity to provide stellar customer service escapes the organized roofer.

Organized customer service means having real humans answer telephone calls, accurately record messages, and provide prompt answers. Organized customer service means sticking to schedules, delivering on promises, and providing added value to every repair or re-roof.

If you have yet to experience the tell-tale signs of a super organized roofer, please contact us at Roof Repair Specialist. We can provide repairs, reroof your home, or consult with you about roof restoration.