How Often Does A Roof Need To Be Replaced

Homeowners often wonder how often a roof replacement is required. The simple answer is as often as needed. The complex answer requires a bit more information.

Why you may need a roof replacement

Some roofs last for 25 years or more, while others need to be replaced in less than 15 years. What factors determine when a roof needs to be replaced?

  • Quality of materials – Some roofing materials are made better than others. For example, the lowest grade asphalt shingles are not going to last as long as a metal roof. Even among the same type of roofing materials, there are different grades of quality. If your roof had lower quality materials installed, they will not last as long and may require a replacement sooner than expected.
  • Quality of installation – Installation quality plays a major role in how long a roof will last. Poor installation methods can compromise the waterproofing of the roofing materials. A loose shingle can let water get to the roof deck. A bubble in a flat roof membrane can burst and allow water through.
  • Quality of maintenance – Despite their endurance, roofs do require some maintenance to keep their integrity. For example, letting leaf debris gather in roof valleys can lead to water collecting and flowing under shingles, which increases the likelihood of water damage to the roof deck. Lack of roof maintenance over the years can lead to needing a full reroof.
  • Weather – Roofing materials are made to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, from scorching sunlight to drenching rainfall. However, hail storms, high winds, and other violent weather events can cause extensive damage to roof materials, requiring repair or replacement.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Roof?

If you had the roof replaced within the past decade, it’s likely you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. Modern roofing materials are made to last 20+ years.

However, if a previous owner had the last roof put on, you may not know the roof’s age. Unless you have a copy of the receipt for that replacement, you won’t have any idea how old it is. It could be 6 years old, or it might be over 25.

When you aren’t sure of the age or condition of your roof, the best approach is to bring in a professional roofer to do an inspection. The roofer can estimate the age of the roof, look for any signs of deterioration, and make recommendations on needed repairs or replacement. It’s possible you need neither of those things, and a simple routine roof maintenance will be enough.

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